The Great Bambino has NOTHING on Shohei Ohtani … so says ex-MLB star David Justice, who tells TMZ Sports the Angels star is flat-out better than Babe Ruth!

The former Atlanta Braves slugger made the eyebrow-raising claim out at a charity softball game in L.A. on Sunday … explaining he thinks Shohei is just that "special."

Justice also said Babe’s insane performances as a two-way player were cheapened a bit ’cause he didn’t have to face the same level of talent that Shohei does night in and night out.

"Babe Ruth played against farmers," Justice said … adding, "Oh, and by the way, [Ruth] only played against one race."

"You didn’t play against none of the Negro League players. You didn’t play against none of the Asian players. You didn’t play none of the Latin players. So, you only played against this population of players."

Don’t get it twisted, Justice says he’s not hating on Babe … he just thinks what Shohei is doing now is more impressive.

"I don’t want it to sound like I’m hating on Babe," Justice tells us. "It’s just that I’m giving extra love to Ohtani."

Shohei is the favorite to win AL MVP this season after he’s balled out at both the plate and on the mound … leading baseball with 40 home runs while also compiling a 2.79 ERA.

In fact, Ohtani has been so good — ya gotta hear how Justice thinks the guy could win BOTH the Cy Young AND the MVP this season!!!