Trust us, 2021 is going to be the year to go all-out for Halloween and that starts with pet costumes. Whether your best four-legged friend is of the dog, cat, furry or even scaled variety, we’ve got some great pet costume options for you. There are even guinea pig costumes, because YES.

Dog & Cat Costumes

Retro Camper Dog & Cat Costume

Your fur baby will totally give off that camping vibe with this adorable bodysuit that has a door and window pattern. No need to wrestle them into the costume either––it comes with a hook-and-loop closure that secures under the belly with no need to pull over their head.

Get it at Target, $15

Avocado Toast Dog & Cat Costume

Order up! This adorable, soft costume works for cats or dogs and is made with carefully designed accents to look just like toast and mashed avocados. Just use the hook-and-loop closure to hang around their neck and let all the neighbors feast their eyes on your tasty little treats.

Get it at Target, $10

Cactus Dog & Cat Costume

Your prickly pet will look too cute in this bright green costume that is super soft and super adorable.

Get it here, $19.99.

Pastel Rainbow LED Dog & Cat Costume

Your pooch will light up the neighborhood with this adorable LED rainbow costume. The arc-shaped get-up comes with white straps with hook-and-loop closures and is decorated with light-up accents that will put a smile on everyone’s face.

Get it at Target, $15+

Scary Clown Dog and Cat Costume

Looking for something creepy this Halloween? We love this scary clown look and we know your pet will love it too!

Get it here, $19.99.

Mummy Dog & Cat Costumes

Boo! This mummy-riffic costume will transform your fur children in an instant. It’s made with a headpiece with bandage depicting yellow eyes and a bandage-looking body piece. Just attach the head piece with the hook-and-loop closure under the chin and the body piece using the straps with hook-and-loop closures.

Get it at Target, $12.99

Narwhal Halloween Dog Costume

You pup can’t get any cuter than this Narwhal costume! Details abound with the a shimmery horn, fin and tail and comfy straps for the chest and belly.

Get it here, $12.99

Bearded Dragon Costumes

Bearded Dragon/Dragon Costume

Turn your bearded dragon into an official dragon this Halloween.

Get it here, $4.99.

Rasta Bearded Dragon Hat/Hair

Definitely the coolest lizard on the block, your bearded dragon will look oh-so-cool when sporting his rasta gear this Halloween.

Get yours here, $12.60.

Shark Bearded Dragon Costume

Your beardie is the target of a shark attack with this super fun costume.

Get it here, $4.99.

Bearded Dragon Biker Costume

Your bearded dragon is ready to take to the streets in this awesome costume.

Get it here, $4.99.

Guinea Pig Costumes

Hot Dog Guinea Pig Costume

So cute you could just gobble him up, your guinea pig is going to LOVE being dresses as a hot dog this year. Got a threesome? There’s ketchup and mustard too!

Get yours here, $6.99.

Darth Vader Guinea Pig Costume

We can see a whole family theme playing out when you dub your guinea pig Darth Vader this Halloween.

Get yours here, $12.99.

––Karly Wood & Kate Loweth

All photos: Courtesy of retailers


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