Tabby is a new dating app that will be launched on August 8 of 2020. This is an excellent choice for a couple of reasons. One, Tabby is a new dating app aimed at cat owners as well as other cat lovers. Two, August 8 would be International Cat Day, which is a time when people celebrate our feline companions. Time will tell whether Tabby will prove to be worthwhile or not. However, it is interesting to note that the same sisters behind Tabby have already launched a new dating app aimed at dog lovers called Dig that should give interested individuals some idea of what to expect from Tabby.

Why Might Tabby Prove Useful?

To a lot of people, maximizing their pool of prospects can seem like the best way for them to maximize their chances of finding the right person for a romantic relationship. However, this might not be the case. In short, people tend to maximize their pool of prospects by choosing the most popular dating apps, which are the ones aimed at a very wide segment of the general population. Unfortunately, the effective pool of prospects is much smaller for someone with an unwavering stance on something that can be a deal-breaker in a relationship, with an excellent example being cat ownership. As a result, the benefit of maximizing the pool of prospects is much reduced for said individuals.

Instead, their best option might be to choose a dating app that can point them to a pool of prospects who share the same opinion on the same topic. Theoretically, dating apps aimed at a very wide segment of the general population can do this. In practice, this is complicated by the fact that dating apps aren’t perfect. Due to that, it might be better for interested individuals to choose a dating app that specializes in catering to people with the same opinion on the same matter, thus ensuring that they won’t be paired up with people who think otherwise.

This has very beneficial effects for their chances of success in romance, not least because of the reduction in friction between them and their partner. Generally speaking, some friction is expected when people pair up. After all, it is either impossible or next-to-impossible for two people to be 100 percent compatible with one another 100 percent of the time. As a result, some friction is to be expected from time to time, which can happen because of conflict over important matters and conflict over not so important matters. The couples that can make it in the long run are the ones that learn to manage this friction in some way, with example ranging from making compromises with one another to choosing to overlook incompatibilities. Naturally, ensuring that two people share the same opinion on something that matters a great deal to them can do much to reduce the potential for friction between them, thus increasing their chances of making it in the long run. This is particularly true because conflict over one thing has a very nasty tendency to seep over into other things, meaning that it can be a very corrosive force.

Having said that, it is also worth mentioning that choosing a dating app aimed at a specific segment of the general population can help people find likeminded individuals. Something that can help them overcome bias when it comes to romance. For instance, there is research suggesting that women are less well-inclined in a romantic sense towards men who are cat owners. It is unknown why this was the case because that was beyond the scope of the study. However, the researchers speculated that it was a matter of cultural assumptions, which makes sense because cat owners are regarded as being more neurotic, more unhappy, and less masculine in the United States. This line of speculation is further supported by the fact that the study also revealed that cat ownership didn’t have the same kind of effect on women who were cat lovers, meaning that male cat owners can avoid this kind of bias by choosing to date female cat owners as well as other cat lovers.

Besides that, there is also the matter of similarities. As the saying goes, differences attract but it is the similarities that bind, though it should be mentioned that the truth of things seems to be much more complicated than anything that can be summed up in just a single pithy sentence. Basically, similarities serve to make relationships stronger than otherwise possible, whether those relationships happen to be romantic in nature or not. However, similar values tend to be more important than similar interests, though the latter can be helpful as well.

In essence, our values are our fundamental beliefs about ourselves as well as our world. Due to this, most of us prefer to live in a way that suits our values because that feels natural to us, meaning that going against them can cause us to feel discomfort as well as worse things. In most cases, this won’t matter too much when it comes to trivial things. However, that can change very fast when it comes to the important matters, with examples including but by no means limited to moving in together, getting married, and having children. If a couple have clashing values when it comes to these things, the potential for friction is immense. Meanwhile, similar interests can be considered more of a bonus than a must-have. People with similar interests are likelier to spend time together, which in turn, makes for stronger relationships. Still, there are plenty of couples who manage fine even though they don’t have interests that they share with one another.

Having said that, looking for likeminded individuals should provide people with a better chance of finding people who share their values as well as their interests, both of which should definitely be considered pluses when it comes to romance. For example, cat owners are likely to have at least some things in common because of cultural attitudes about cat ownership if nothing else, meaning that they should have higher chances of being more compatible with one another than with members of the general population. Likewise, cat ownership is a shared interest in its own right. Combined, these factors mean that Tabby might be something that cat owners should check out when they have the chance.