Sadie Robertson
Sadie Robertson

New mom Sadie Robertson doesn’t have time for mom shamers. The Duck Dynasty alum called out a woman on her Instagram feed after a former follower messaged Sadie to give her a hard time about postpartum photos she had posted after she and husband Christian Huff welcomed their first child together — and it’s easy to see why Sadie had such a strong reaction.

Sadie shared the details of the message she received with her followers.

The new mom posted two selfies on Monday. The first was a photo of herself holding her daughter, Honey James. In the second photo, Sadie is standing in front of a full-length mirror in the same pants, holding up a single finger to let her followers know she was one month pregnant at the time.

"One year ago I took a [photo] in these pants — one month pregnant. I haven’t worn them since, [because] they haven’t fit," she captioned the snaps.

For those new moms who eventually do fit into their prepregnancy pants again, that moment can be quite exciting.

Obviously, any excitement Sadie might have felt about fitting into her old pants was short-lived when she logged on to social media.

According to the new mom, she’s only posted so much about her life to social media, which is why she was shocked when she took a look at her personal messages. "I rarely read my [direct messages] but recently I did," she wrote, adding that the very first one she opened was from a mom who felt the need to tell her that both she and her daughters were unfollowing the former reality television star.

"Which is totally fine to unfollow me, but it was why that got me," Sadie wrote. "She went on to say that it is [because] of how much I brag and flaunt my body and how hard it was for her to see my body after giving birth ‘bounce back.’"

It sounds like the direct message really bothered Sadie.

In her post, Sadie detailed all of the things she could’ve said back to the woman.

"I thought about how I could’ve told her that I didn’t ‘bounce back’ how you may perceive outwardly," she explained, citing issues she’s had healing and with allergies she’s been suffering from as response to her "stressful" labor.

"I could’ve told her things my doctor has told me, and the counselor I saw helped me through," she shared. "I could’ve told her how a lot of things I don’t tell people, but I didn’t."

To hear Sadie tell it, she’s gone through a lot over the past year.

She went on to explain that focusing on the good isn’t the same as bragging.

The new mom shared how she doesn’t feel like her body defines her life and that her intention wasn’t ever to brag about the way it looked postpartum but instead just to highlight all of the good that has happened.

"The last year of my life wasn’t about my body changing, but it was about me as a person growing," she wrote. "Growing life, growing in love, growing in endurance, growing in consistency, in faith, in hope … growing in many things. I hope those are the things you saw."

Becoming a parent is a life-changing event. It appears Sadie just wanted to share all of the wonderful parts of that process — and OK, maybe celebrate a small return to normalcy with being able to get back into some familiar clothes.

The post ended with a parting wish for her followers.

Although the comment clearly struck a chord with Sadie, she didn’t let it stop her from continuing her mission to highlight the good. She asked her followers to try to not let what other people post make them feel insecure. "Our confidence should not be found on the measure of how good or bad someone else is doing," she ended her post.

Hopefully, even though she no longer follows Sadie, that original commenter got the message loud and clear And, even if she didn’t, we hope that someone who needed to hear that message feels a little bit better about themselves after reading Sadie’s post.