Yellowstone, the 2018 western hit show, is reportedly set to return for a fourth season. Yellowstone Season 4 follows a family’s journey in possession of the largest cattle ranch in the United States. The hit show returns on Paramount Network, find out the exact date below!

It has a star-studded cast led by Kevin Costner (John Dutton), as the head of the family. The other cast members include Luke Grimes (Kayce), Kelly Reilly (Beth), and Wes Bentley (Jamie) to name a few.

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Yellowstone Season 4 Release Date

Update: the “Yellowstone” Prequel, premieres on Sunday, November 7th!

Yellowstone Premise

We are introduced to the story of the Dutton family, who pull out all the stops to make sure that their family ranch is protected. Their primary problems emerge from the various land developers that are looking to put an end to their perceived monopoly of the ranch sector. To make things even more complicated, certain family members are enemies to be reckoned with.

This is coupled with intense scrutiny from their neighboring communities and attacks that become a fabric of their daily lives. This tension is borne out in the finale of season 3, which sets things up for a thriller fourth season. At the end of the third season, we see that several of the Dutton family members have had attempts to make their lives.

John and Kayce end up in a crossfire of bullets, whilst Beth becomes embroiled in a mail bombing. It is unclear whether Beth survived, but at the very least, she would be a victim of extensive injuries.

The outcome of this storyline is crucial to the direction of the fourth season. Beth is an ardent and loyal supporter of her father (John), in a family that is compromised by divided loyalties.

As for John and Kayce, they came out unscathed. In a moment of extreme luck, the bullet that was intended for John’s heart hit his cell phone. Kayce, though, was a bit more tact in defense. His act of using a desk, as a means of protection, ultimately paid dividends.

With so many loopholes still to be filled, season four brings up many questions that need to be answered.

Yellowstone Season 4 Possibilities

We can expect to see several of the following things in the new season. Beth’s survival is crucial to the show’s romance. She is in love with the show’s other character Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) and her potential death is bound to send her father over the edge if it were to materialize.

With John and Kayce having survived, there is the question of what they will do next. There is no clear answer on who the assassinators were. There is one name that sticks out though: Jamie (Wes Bentley). The latter is not loyal to John, given that he is not his biological father.

His blood father Garrett Randall (Will Patton) had wanted Jamie to take over the ranch, but in doing so, did he order him to take out the Duttons? If so, will John and Kayce enact their revenge?

Breaking: In the teaser trailer, we see John Dutton’s foes gun him down… does he survive the vicious attack?

Season four cannot come soon enough!!!

Yellowstone Trailer


  • Kevin Costner (John Dutton)
  • Kelly Reilly (Beth Dutton)
  • Cole Hauser (Rip Wheeler)
  • Luke Grimes (Kayce Dutton)
  • Wes Bentley (Jamie Dutton)
  • Kelsey Asbille (Monica Dutton)
  • Jefferson White (Jimmy Hurdstrom)
  • Ryan Bingham (Walker)
  • Forrie J. Smith (Lloyd Pierce)
  • Jacki Weaver (Caroline Warner)
  • Finn Little (Carter)

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