Social media can be a tricky road to navigate, even for a man who is a professional racecar driver. Supercars veteran James Courtney apologized if anyone was upset by an Instagram post featuring his girlfriend that attracted online backlash. The racer issued an apology on his Instagram Story but called on people not to be so quick to judge from behind a keyboard.

“I’m sorry if my post yesterday upset a few people, I thought it was funny and would make people laugh in these tough Covid times,” he wrote via the NY Post.

“The world is already full of so much hate. We don’t need to add to the already out of control cyber bullying epidemic.”

You can see the post below which is still posted on Courtney’s Instagram page.

Another example of cancel culture doing too much.

Not sure why that post triggered so many people. I mean, his girlfriend is pretty easy on the eyes.

Check out more of Courtney and his girlfriend below:

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