If you spend all year looking forward to those Peppermint Joe Joe’s, there might some seasonal Trader Joe’s items you probably wish were available all the time. Sadly that dream isn’t meant to be.

In a recent episode of Trader Joe’s podcast (yes a TJ’s podcast and YouTube channel exists), the company explained how the process of selecting seasonal products works. A listener posed the question, “What makes a product seasonal or one time only and how is a customer to know? Part two, have you ever made any seasonal items permanent or do you plan to?”

In response to the first half of the question, marketing director Tara Miller explained that Trader Joe’s is constantly filling out new products and if they were to introduce all of those “limited buy” and “seasonal” items as regular products the store would be overpacked. “By making some things come and go, that gives us the ability to introduce other things that can come and go,” she said.

As far as whether or not some seasonal items could become regulars she didn’t rule out the possibility, however, the occurrence is pretty rare. After all, as much as we love pumpkin spice everything, it would be a bit much to fill up on year round.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Mike Mozart via Flickr


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