Black Ops Zombies has been a mode that has always brandished some of the most unique and innovative weaponry in the series. There are dozens of wonder weapons that have been released throughout the series. Some are more favorable for battle while others are just plain fun to use. From the original Ray Gun to the brand new Conversion-Ready Binary Repeater-Standard from the newest Black Ops Cold War Zombies map. These guns pack a punch. But out of all these wonder weapons which ones are actually a cut above the rest? Which weapons do you gasp when you finally see pop up from the mystery box? Or which weapons will you work tirelessly for and jump through countless Easter egg hoops to attain? Here are ten zombie wonder weapons that you should always have in your arsenal when available.

Thunder Gun

The Thunder Gun first made its appearance in Kino Der Toten in the original Call of Duty Black Ops. It is a large canon-looking weapon that fires an immense wave of compressed air that one-shot kills Zombies in its direct line of fire and knocks back any zombies around its area of effect. The Thunder Gun is almost a must in any team’s arsenal. It is vital that at least one member of any four-person squad has the Thunder Gun and it would even be preferable that two of them obtain it. It can clear out a mob of zombies in no time. In higher-level rounds, this can be the difference between life and death for the players. Once pack-a-punched it becomes the Zeus Cannon with an even greater area of effect and increased magazine.

WunderWaffle DG-2

The WunderWaffle DG-2 is the second wonder weapon to ever be created for the Call of Duty Zombies mode. It is one of the most powerful weapons that players can get their hands on. It fires a bolt of lightning capable of killing a zombie in one hit. Upon hitting its target, the bolt of lightning will then travel to up to nine other targets. That’s a lot of zombies for one bolt. It was created by the series very own Edward Richtofen. When pack-a-punched it turns into the WunderWaflle DG-2 JZ with a bigger magazine. For any zombie killer, this is a must-have. Unfortunately, it isn’t available in too many maps but when it is then it’s a must on any team.

Golden Spork

The Golden Spork is one of the strongest melee weapons in the entire Zombies universe. It is capable of taking out zombies in one hit up until round 34. Not to mention that you’re taking out hordes of zombies with the golden child of a spoon and a fork. Sounds pretty cool right? Unfortunately, if you want to enjoy the fun then you’ll have to do a series of tasks to unlock the golden spork. It differs between maps so players might want to consult their nearest zombie guide to arrive at the scene prepared and not accidentally miss a step.

Monkey Bomb

The Monkey Bomb is one of the most iconic weapons in all of Zombies. It is instrumental in any team’s victory. It was introduced in the very first iteration of Zombies in World at War so it’s been around for a while. The Monkey Bomb functions as a distraction as well. When thrown, the Monkey Bomb begins to clap its drums and make a lot of noise attracting all nearby zombies to its location no matter what. Once a certain amount of time has passed then it explodes, taking out all the zombies it had lured to its location. It is another one of Edward Richtofen’s creations and is featured in most of the zombie maps currently available. The Monkey Bomb is crucial when trying to revive another player in higher rounds or when trying to escape a sticky situation.

Apothicon Servant

The Apothicon Servant has one of the most unique weapon designs in the zombie’s universe. It fires a purple blob of interdimensional energy that sucks in anything near it. This makes it the perfect weapon when trying to stay in one spot and hold the fort down. It is also an incredibly useful weapon for the tight corridors of Shadows of Evil. Shadows of Evil is the only map where this weapon appears and a must-have if you are considering doing the Easter Egg. To obtain this weapon you must find the necessary parts and assemble it on one of the map’s workbenches. Once pack-a-punched it becomes almost translucent purple with an upgraded magazine.

Lil Arnie

Lil Arnie’s are a replacement for your tactical grenade and function similar to the Monkey Bomb. The biggest difference is that Lil Arnie is a capsule full of tentacles that will kill zombies during a period of time. It lures them in and dismembers them with its tentacles. Once it’s run its course it will explode and kill the remaining zombies left in the area of effect. It is also only available in the maps Shadows of Evil and Revelations and is also able to be upgraded. To be upgraded one must follow a specific set of instructions that involves killing one hundred zombies and throwing Lil Arnie to three specific spots. Players will know they have the upgraded version by the purple mist the leaves from Lil Arnie as its active.

Wrath of the Ancients

Wrath of the Ancients is a weapon only available in the map Der Eisendrache that is also the basis for the Easter Egg on the map. The Wrath of Ancients is also a weapon that, once attained through the necessary tasks, everyone on your team can obtain by simply picking it up. It functions like a bow and has the ability to one-shot zombies. Once attained players can upgrade it to one of four different bows following their very own upgrade paths. Players can upgrade their bows to the Storm Bow, Demon Gate Bow, Rune Prison Bow, and Wolf Howl Bow. Each bow has its own abilities and powers so we recommend players try out all of them before settling on one. The Storm Bow functions almost as a lightning conduit and can conjure entire storms. The Demon Gate bowl can summon the dead and send out skulls and create a vortex of dead souls. The Rune Prison Bow functions as a volcanic power capable of trapping zombies in a fiery prism. The Wolf Howl Bow sends out its very own wolf spirit to fend off zombies. Every one of these bows is incredibly fun to use and one of the reasons Der Eisendrache is one of our favorite maps in all of the zombie’s universe.

31-79 JGb215

The 31-79 JGb215 or Shrink Ray for short, is one of the most unique weapons due to its special ability. It basically shrinks zombies down so that you can easily one-hit kill them. Yup, you can shrink down zombies into little miniature zombies to be easily disposed of. It’s on our list because of how hilarious it looks when a zombie is shrunk down. Besides shrinking though it doesn’t really do any real damage so if you do shrink them then you’ll have to quickly dispose of them with a melee weapon or have one of your teammates mowing them down as you go. Well, you can also just run through them for the added style touch. It is exclusive to the Shangri-La map. The zombies themselves also have big heads and small bodies which adds to the humor of the whole situation.

Conversion-Ready Binary Repeater-Standard

The Conversion- Ready Binary Repeater-Standard or CRBR-S for short, is a pistol that comes with a copycat module that fires an extra shot whenever the CRBR-S fires its own shot. It also has the ability to convert itself into different weapons used mods that scatter from the enemies you kill while using it. It is the first-ever weapon that can be modded on the fly by simply walking over whichever mod was dropped by the zombie mob. The Blazer mod will mod the CRBR-S into an assault rifle that fires a concentrated beam. Find the swarm mod kit and it will fire a twist of two bullets that will explode on impact. Finally, the diffuser mod will turn your CRBR-S into a shotgun. It’s an incredibly fun wonder weapon and we hope to see more creative weapons like this from Treyarch in the future.

Ray Gun

The Ray Gun is the very first wonder weapon ever introduced into Zombies and the most iconic one to date. You can find the Ray Gun in every Zombie map ever released. There are also multiple versions each with its very own style of gameplay. The basic model for them is the same. The Ray Gun fires a green beam that explodes on contact. Killing any zombies in its area of effect. When Pack-A-Punched the Ray Gun beam becomes red and its damage increases. It is incredibly fun to use and a weapon that has no limits. Meaning that you can have four of them on your team without issue.

We’re excited to see what kind of wonder weapons are included in Call of Duty: Vanguard when it releases later this year.

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