Dying Light Audio Story 1
Dying Light Audio Story 1

Feel like a short-but-sweet scare? Rosemary, a ten minute audio tale set in the Dying Light 2 universe could be right up your blood-spattered street.

We’re suckers for a good short horror story. Sure, movies are good but YouTube is full of great 10-20 minute short horror films, and since discovering Dust’s channel we’ve been diving into sci-fi as well. Now Techland, creators of Dying Light 2, are getting in on the act with a series of short stories that, aside from setting the scene for the upcoming open world zombie game, are chilling in their own right.

Rosemary, the first of these audio-only stories, follows a survivor who seeks sanctuary in a church. We’re not sure if we’d do the same, since churches are pretty open plan, but survivors can’t be choosers. And, as he points out, the combination of big wooden doors and narrow windows could be a lifesaver. We won’t spoil the story but things don’t go according to plan.. we’ll leave you to discover who the titular Rosemary is.

The story’s undeniably spooky, though the narration took a couple of minutes for us to get used to; we’re not sure if’s the actor’s accent, or the delivery, but it’s very different. We were planning on diving into Dying Light 2 up anyway, but this story is a nice bonus and while Techland haven’t said how many more to expect, we’ll be giving them a listen.

You can listen to the story above or get Dying Light 2: Stay Human when it launches this 7th December on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.