kate middleton
kate middleton

Most royals fans have accepted the fact that Kate Middleton is done having kids, but what if she’s not? It’s been a while since these kinds of rumors have been going around, but once again, there’s buzz that Kate is pregnant with her fourth child, and this theory actually kind of makes sense.

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It’s been a minute since we’ve seen a photo of Kate.

We know what she’s been up to, though — her brother, James Middleton, got married in France over the weekend, and reports claimed that she, Will, and the kids flew over to be there for his big day, but no photos of them have surfaced.

And as Sunrise on Australia’s 7 News pointed out, we also know that Kate’s working on a photography project about Holocaust survivors, but the photo of her that the royals’ official Instagram used to post about it was an old one.

Will recently performed his royal duties without Kate too.

When Prince William went to meet with emergency and NHS workers last week, he was by himself — and that’s the kind of outing that Kate would normally accompany him on. But she was nowhere to be seen, which is definitely a little suspicious. And of course, the Cambridges’ Instagram account didn’t explain her absence.

The last sighting of Kate was in July.

That is when she attended Wimbledon, and of course, she didn’t appear to be pregnant then. But that was more than two months ago — she definitely could have developed a bump by then, which might be why she’s been in hiding.

Not to mention that Kate famously suffers from pretty severe hyperemesis gravidarum in her pregnancies, so it makes sense that she’d want to lay low.

It’s totally possible that Kate could be getting ready to announce a pregnancy.

Given that she has three kids already — and Prince Louis is now 3 years old, which would put a bigger age gap between him and a younger sibling than what Will and Kate have trended toward in the past — we’d just assumed that she was done having kids.

But given this evidence, we’re definitely second guessing it …

Whatever’s going on, hopefully we’ll find out soon.

Even if Kate isn’t pregnant, we’d like to know where she’s been and what she’s been up to. Two months is a long time for her to have disappeared from the public eye. Is she OK?

We hope she’s just getting some well-deserved relaxation. Please give us an update, Kate!