Prince Harry
Prince Harry

One royal expert is predicting that Prince Harry might end up back in the UK. Duncan Larcombe, the author behind the book Prince Harry: The Inside Story, revealed his predictions during an interview with OK! Magazine in which he described everything from the state of Harry’s finances to his relationship with his brother, Prince William. We have to admit that he might be onto something here.


Despite everything Prince Harry has said about his family, he still loves his brother very much.

Harry has been very open about his frustrations with royal life since leaving the UK in March 2020 — but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about his brother.

"Prince Harry hasn’t exactly been subtle. He’s revealed to the world that he pretty much hates his family and the whole system is rotten to the core," Duncan said, according to the Daily Mail (via OK! Magazine). "But by continually talking about the royals, they’re cashing in on the brand. If they spend their whole careers selling that royal brand, they’ll never speak to William again."

We imagine that would be hard for Harry, because he revealed during his Oprah interview that he still loves his brother "to bits."

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Although Harry seems to be enjoying the time he’s spent in California, he may start to feel homesick soon.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may be California dreaming right now, but Duncan predicts that his love for the West Coast may begin to fade over time.

"Harry is loving the American life now – but he’s still in the honeymoon phase," he explained.

He’s not wrong — Harry’s US lifestyle likely looks significantly different than the one he’s used to. And although it may be a novelty right now, he may grow to miss some of the benefits from his royal life.

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Did it take a trip home to remind Harry of everything he’s been missing while he has been in America?

Sure, Harry was just back in the UK in April for his grandfather’s funeral, but it seems as if his most recent trip back was a bit different for Harry. At least, that’s what Duncan thinks.

"I think coming back and seeing his brother, especially against the very moving backdrop of a memorial for their mother, will maybe make him question what he’s given it all up for," he explained.

It could be that Harry hightailed it home after the unveiling because he was feeling torn about having left his family behind in the UK.

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Harry has signed several lucrative deals recently, but he can fulfill those obligations from anywhere.

If Harry did want to return home, his work obligations likely wouldn’t stand in his way. The recent deals he signed with Netflix and Spotify could probably be fulfilled from wherever the prince calls home.

Of course, it might not just be a geographical issue. Would the Palace even let Harry resume his royal duties if he asked after everything that’s happened?

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Would Meghan even be open to returning to the UK after everything that’s gone on?

Of course, if Harry did want to move back to the UK, he’d have to get Meghan on board with the decision. Considering how she and the Palace are locking horns over allegations of bullying during her time there — and the racism she’s faced, both from the media and, reportedly, from Harry’s own family — we think it’s unlikely she’s going to want to return to Harry’s home country any time soon.

Plus, she’s only just recently given birth, so a major move would probably be off the table right now anyway. Duncan’s predictions aside, we’re pretty confident that Prince Harry will remain in the US, even if it’s just for a bit longer.