Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth

At 95 years old, Queen Elizabeth is certainly getting up there in age, but she’s always seemed pretty healthy — but has that changed? This week, Elizabeth used a cane at an event, prompting royals fans to worry that she might be in poor health. What’s going on?

Queen ElizabethQueen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth

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Elizabeth used a cane on Tuesday when visiting Westminster Abbey.

Elizabeth showed up to the event to honor the Royal British Legion looking like she normally does — wearing a perfectly coordinated coat and hat and with a smile on her face.

The only thing different about her appearance was the black walking stick she was using, which certainly caused a bit of concern.

Supposedly, the reason behind Elizabeth using the cane was no big deal.

According to what a royal insider told Page Six, Elizabeth was simply using the cane "for her comfort," but they didn’t mention whether it was because of an injury or other issue with her health.

Maybe she just wanted to feel steady on her feet? She does tend to wear sensible shoes, but we get it.

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The palace hasn’t commented on the cane.

Page Six also reported that even though it reached out to the palace for answers, the rep declined to comment. It appears the official answer on this one will have to remain a mystery, at least for now.

Even if something was going on with the Queen’s health, we have a feeling she wouldn’t want word of it to get out publicly until she was absolutely ready. And other than the cane, she looked spry as ever.

Queen ElizabethQueen Elizabeth
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It’s not all that surprising that Elizabeth would use a cane.

After all, this isn’t even the first time she’s used one! In 2003, Elizabeth used a walking stick to get around after having surgery on her knee, and she’s been seen with one after that too.

Like we said, the woman is in her mid-90s. If she needs a cane from time to time, is that really so shocking?

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We just hope everything is all good with the Queen’s health.

We’d hate to find out that she was sick or injured, especially with her big jubilee year right around the corner. She deserves to celebrate the milestone coming up in 2022, so hopefully, she really was just using the cane to be comfortable.