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Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League features Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, and King Shark as playable characters who take on Brainiac and the Justice League. The game is set as a continuation of the Arkham series, but it will take place in the city of Metropolis. Harley Quinn is the only character who has appeared in the "Arkhamverse" before, so the Suicide Squad game will establish the Justice League within the Arkhamverse. But who exactly are they, and which of them are in the game?

Members of the Justice League


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Superman makes his first appearance in the reveal trailer of the Suicide Squad game. Superman is subject to Brainiac’s mind control, making him the new target of the Suicide Squad. Superman is expected to serve as one of the primary antagonists in the game and is shown fighting Wonder Woman in the DC Fandome trailer.

Wonder Woman

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Wonder Woman is revealed to be a member of the Justice League in the DC Fandome trailer where she can be briefly seen wielding her Lasso of Truth, Bracelets of Submission, and what appears to be the Sword of Athena or the God Killer.


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Flash makes his appearance in the DC Fandome trailer, also seemingly affected by Brainiac’s mind control since his face is covered in dark purple veins. Flash talks to the Suicide Squad in the trailer, but it could be Brainiac talking through him. It is not confirmed who is wearing the Flash suit, but it is most likely Barry Allen based on the events inspired by the comics. However, since this is the Flash’s first appearance in the Arkhamverse, his identity could be different.

Green Lantern

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The Green Lantern’s identity in the Suicide Squad game is none other than John Stewart. Green Lantern can be seen fighting the Suicide Squad in the DC Fandome trailer, utilizing his ring to produce huge guns and steps.


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While Batman is not expected to be present in the Suicide Squad game, his whereabouts are questioned. The latest DC Fandome trailer shows a Batmobile, but viewers cannot see who is driving it. This begs the question: how did the Batmobile get to Metropolis, and where is Batman? Since the Suicide Squad game is set in the Arkhamverse, many wonder where Batman plays a role in all of this (spoilers for Arkham Knight ahead).

If the Suicide Squad game takes place after the Arkham Knight game, Batman most likely will not appear, since he launched the Knightfall protocol and is presumed to be dead. However, the ending scene leaves players at a cliffhanger, as a shadowy figure resembling Batman is seen floating, then attacking some muggers. It is clear that Batman will have some influence on the Suicide Squad game, but exactly how much is yet to be revealed.

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