Demi Moore‘s carpeted bathroom and wacky decor is confusing almost everyone.

The 57-year-old actress shared photos of her recording her upcoming podcast in her bathroom. Oddly enough, her entire bathroom is completely carpeted and features a full couch. She also has a full-size Joan of Arc mannequin on display and a stone wall, all in the same room.

Fans were confused and concerned, especially, at the fact that she has carpet in the bathroom, an area where water spillage is so common. Social media began buzzing with memes and ideas about why she would have her bathroom furnished that way.

"This is what boys thought girls bathrooms looked like back in elementary school," one Twitter user wrote.

Another user added, "Starting a Slack channel for the sole purpose us discussing why Demi Moore has both carpet and a couch in her bathroom."

Moore was recording in her bathroom for the upcoming erotica podcast, Dirty Diana. The show is set to debut on July 13 on various podcast platforms.

See photos of the bathroom and fan reactions, below.

20 Celebrities With Horrifying Stalker Stories


A troubled Beyonce fan named Bassey Essien once sent the "Love Drought" performer threatening letters alleging the singer herself was an imposter who had killed the original pop star. Essien also attempted to send her "a book of religious ramblings" when she appeared at an event in London back in 2009. The acts of intimidation led the vocalist to file an anti-harassment order against him — she won the suit in 2011. — Paris Close

Sandra Bullock

On May 2, 2018, the Oscar-winning actress’ longtime stalker, Joshua Corbett — who was previously given five years probation and commanded to a mental health facility for breaking into Bullock’s house in July 2014 — resisted surrender to policemen who showed up to his LA residence to arrest him over a probation violation. Corbett apparently threatened harm against the officers and fortified himself in his home. He died during the standoff, reportedly as a result of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. — PC

Britney Spears

A Japanese fan named Masahiko Shizawa was accused of sending the "Hold It Against Me" singer "hundreds of love letters and photos" and following her to her homes in Louisiana and Hollywood. One such note written on a picture reportedly read, "I’m chasing you."

In April 2003, Spears, who initially filed a stalking suit against Shizawa, settled an out-of-court agreement with her harasser, who later returned to his native Japan. — PC

A male stalker called Frank Andrew Hoover once trailed the "Delicate" singer all throughout Texas until he was finally busted in 2016 for appearing at one of Swift’s shows in Austin, violating a previous protective order set against him by the musician. Additionally, it was alleged that Hoover had also sent the star and her relatives frightening e-mails, even threatening to "end" her entire family.

On April 2, 2018, TMZ reported Hoover had been sentenced to 10 years of probation for violating the protective order. — PC

In November 2012, Cyrus was granted a three-year restraining order against 40-year-old Jason Luis Rivera, who was confronted by police officials after attempting to break into the singer’s home with a pair of scissors the previous September. When questioned by authorities, Rivera supposedly told them, "I am friends with Miley Cyrus… She’s my wife. Me and Miley have been friends for five years." — PC

In January 2012, a stranger showed up at the reality star’s Beverly Hills dwelling late one night carrying his luggage. Evidently, the man was pretending to be a guest resident who would be working on Kardashian’s reality show and buzzed the intercom at her front security gate, claiming that the star had flown him into town herself. When the frightened socialite told him to leave and he refused, the police were called to Kardashian’s home to intervene. — PC

In April 2014, 20-year-old Che Cruz was booked not once, but twice in one week at Gomez’s abode on charges of felony stalking and violating court orders to keep away from the pop artist as a result of a previous disturbance. Just days before, Cruz trespassed on the artist’s property and broke into her guest house. He was placed on probation and sent to jail, but was released two days later.

Last September, the same deranged fan reportedly appeared at Gomez’s San Fernando Valley home with an abundance of absurd gifts for the singer, including food items and a phallic floral bouquet. — PC

In July 2015, Hadid was forced to flee her Manhattan apartment after a homeless stalker evaded security guards and almost made it to the runway star’s Soho residence, until he was finally detained inside the lobby’s elevator. The criminal, 35-year-old Marcell Porter, reportedly made five previous attempts to get inside the model’s pad the month before, for which he was arrested on June 29.

The scary incident urged Hadid to sell her property immediately after the arrest and move to a nearby building. Porter has since been committed to the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. — PC

In May 2018, 26-year-old Eduardo Leon broke into Rihanna’s Hollywood Hills home, where he reportedly remained inside for more than 12 hours with intentions to "have sex" with the musician. Luckily, the "Diamonds" singer was not at home at the time of the break-in. It wasn’t until the singer’s assistant discovered him the next day that Leon was arrested and charged with stalking, burglary and vandalism, TMZ reported. — PC

Back in 2016, an 18-year-old female fan waited outside the "Sorry" star’s California residence for 12 hours just to get a photo op with the crooner. Bieber called the Burbank authorities, who explained there was nothing they could do because the woman was parked on a public street. It wasn’t until he realized she was still there when he returned to his place the same evening that the singer joined local authorities to confront her. Thankfully that was all there was to it — the fan left without a photo or getting arrested. — PC

Stuart Lynn Dunn was arrested on stalking charges back in May 2012 after he waited for the "Black Swan" actress outside her gym for three days in a row. Dunn, who had previously been detained on suspicion of tracking Kunis, found himself on the run from authorities in January 2013 after escaping the Pomono mental health facility to which he’d been committed following his offenses. On the fourth day after his escape, Dunn was seized and taken into custody by LA’s major crimes division. — PC

In November 2014, Grande was hounded by a 31-year-old man named Timothy Normandin, who supposedly showered the "Problem" star with unwanted gifts, including a $200 anklet, eight Yankee candles and a 42-pound pumpkin, among other items.

He was arrested the following year after following the soloist to New York and Connecticut in hopes of meeting her. In December 2016, Normandin, who apparently suffers from a delusional disorder, was finally ordered to stay away from Grande and placed on a 3-year probation. — PC

For seven months in 2013, Alec Baldwin, his wife and his infant daughter were continuously stalked by Genevieve Sabourin. Sabourin claimed that she and Baldwin were longtime lovers and throughout the entire trial insisted that she had done nothing wrong. Baldwin testified in court explaining that Sabourin was a friend’s mistress but constantly left Baldwin voicemails ranging from tearful pleas to sexual begging. A clearly deluded Sabourin showed up at both Baldwin’s NYC penthouse and East Hamptons house. She also threatened Baldwin’s wife, Hilaria, warning her to stay away from certain events. Sabourin was found guilty and sentenced to 180 days in jail, plus an additional 30 days for acting out of control in court. The judge also ordered a five year order of protection for the Baldwins against Sabourin. — Jillian Hurlbut

Ashley Tisdale’s stalker, Nicholas Fiore, was persistent in trying to contact her. Fiore constantly tweeted at her, often sending Tisdale violent song lyrics and going as far as to send her death threats. At one time, Fiore dressed up and came to her home pretending to be a delivery man. In 2013, Fiore was sentenced to a year of jail time and a year of out-patient counseling, as well as 5 years of formal probation. He was ordered to stay away from Ashley Tisdale for a minimum of 10 years. — JH

In November 2018, a 36-year old woman showed up outside of Tatum’s home, remaining there for five hours before returning two days later with a letter of falsities. The letter claimed that she and Tatum had met years prior and he had invited her to stay with him. In June 2019, the same woman was found inside Tatum’s then-vacated home. The woman had been hiding inside the gated property for 10 days before being arrested on June 24. Tatum filed for a temporary restraining order and a civil harassment order against the woman. He requested protection for himself, his then-spouse Jenna Dewan, his 6-year old daughter Everly, and his two personal assistants. His personal assistants have not been granted protection yet. — JH

In 2013, Han Cong Zhao became completely infatuated with Jennifer Lawrence. He struggled to get in contact with her, instead becoming so desperate he reached out to Lawrence’s family. It was reported that Zhao attempted to contact Lawrence’s brother, Blaine, sending him hundreds of messages including a voicemail threatening him. Zhao eventually flew from his home in Vancouver to Louisville, Kentucky with the hopes of contacting Lawrence’s mother at her home. Eventually the police were alerted and Zhao was arrested and deported back to Canada. — JH

Between August 3 and August 9 in 2013, Jennifer Lopez had a surprise guest stay with her in her Hamptons house. John Dubis managed to get past JLo’s security and sleep on a couch in her pool house for six days. During his 6-day “vacation,” Dubis posted photos detailing his stay in her house and publicly referred to himself as her husband. When he was arrested, he continued to insist that he the husband and father of Lopez’s children. But this wasn’t the first time Dubis had a run in with JLo—in fact, she already had a protective order against him. — JH

In 2018, a man identified as John Ford was caught trespassing on Kendall Jenner’s property four separate times in a 3-month period. Jenner was home during one of the trespassing incidents, prompting her to file for a restraining order. In October 2018, the restraining order went through. Sadly, in 2016, Jenner had another encounter with a fanatical stalker. Shavaughn Mackenzie stalked and harassed Jenner, eventually following her into her driveway and pounding on her car windows. Mackenzie was found guilty of trespassing but acquitted of stalking. — JH

In 2016, Kylie Jenner had a continuous issue with a stalker. Marvin Magallanes attempted to enter Jenner’s house multiple times. Magallanes went so far as to drive his car into Jenner’s front gate—not once, but twice. After the second incident, police were able to track down Magallanes. The following year, in 2017, Magallanes confessed to killing a homeless man, and he was connected to the murder of another homless man. He was arrested on both crimes. Who knows what may have happened to Kylie Jenner if Magallanes hadn’t been stopped? — JH

In 2018, Michael Shawn Hunt repeatedly took to social media to express his love to Lana Del Rey, often referring to her as his “wife” and “queen.” In one particular post, Hunt spoke to his excitement of preparing to meet Del Rey at a concert in Orlando. Other posts suggested his intentions were not so loving, and Hunt was later arrested for alluding to a plan to kidnap Lana Del Rey. Hunt was arrested close to the venue of Del Rey’s Orlando concert, where he was found to be in possession of 3-inch pocket knife. In October 2018, Hunt was sentenced to one year in prison. — JH