Kate Beckinsale had a super-interesting chit-chat with Howard Stern on Wednesday’s show … she said her off-the-charts IQ has actually damaged her career.

Howard did an excellent job of mining for gold, knowing that Kate was extremely brainy. He pushed to know where Kate landed on the IQ spectrum, and Kate either didn’t remember or didn’t want to say.

But Howard pressed, and eventually, Kate called her mom for a memory jog. Mom came through and revealed Kate’s IQ was a VERY impressive 152.

Now the conversation turns, because Kate says doctors told her she’d be a lot happier if she were 30% less smart. Howard’s response is hilarious.

And then, Kate dropped the bombshell … that her smarts have actually hurt her career. She didn’t really explain how, other than the intimation she doesn’t suffer fools.

Howard wanted to know how that affects her dating life, especially when the man doesn’t measure up in the cerebrum department.

Kate doesn’t name names, but she does say she can forgive a lot if the dude is funny.

It doesn’t take an Einstein to figure that one out.