Aaron Rodgers nailed his rendition of John Wick on Halloween, but the costume could cause some added stress amid his COVID-19 controversy.

Rodgers attended a team Halloween party last week, where he was seen in photos and a video without a mask while around other Packers players, including tight end Marcedes Lewis.

It’s unclear which players and how many attended the Halloween party that took place after the Packers’ 24-21 win over the Cardinals last Thursday.

The NFL is investigating whether the Packers enforced the league’s COVID-19 protocols after the quarterback, who is unvaccinated, tested positive for coronavirus and has been seen unmasked on multiple occasions.

Since the reigning NFL MVP is considered unvaccinated by the league’s standards, he will miss a minimum of 10 days. That will force Rodgers to miss a marquee matchup against Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs on Sunday, when backup Jordan Love will get his first career start. He could return in Week 10, when Green Bay hosts the Seahawks.

Rodgers has also arrived to indoor press conferences at Green Bay’s facility without wearing a mask. That’s a violation of the NFL’s protocols for unvaccinated players, who are required to wear masks at all times in the team facility, and are unable to gather in groups larger than three players.

On the road, unvaccinated players “are prohibited from congregating, visiting or mingling with individuals outside of the traveling party once they have arrived in the game city.”

Unvaccinated players are subject to fines if they break COVID protocols. Repeat offenders could face suspension.

The details surrounding which protocols Rodgers has been following remain to be seen, along with whether the Packers eased their approach to enforcing protocols with the quarterback.

Aaron Rodgers’ Halloween costume could complicate his COVID-19 problems further.

Rodgers is also under fire for accusations he misled reporters when he said in August that he is “immunized.”

Over the summer, during his holdout with the Packers, Rodgers reportedly received an alternative “homeopathic treatment” from his personal doctor to raise his antibody level.

Aaron Rodgers’ John Wick costume may add to his current COVID-19 woes.

When he reportedly approached the NFL to review the treatment, in hopes of being cleared as a vaccinated player, the league and the NFLPA determined he was unvaccinated — meaning the league has known for some time Rodgers is unvaccinated.