The Lord of Terror has arrived in Hearthstone Battlegrounds! For the duration of the Hallow’s End event — which runs until November 9 — Diablo should be up on every Battlegrounds game. There’s a low chance he’ll be offered to you — but there’s a high chance he’ll be played by someone in your lobby. And since knowing is half the battle, here’s everything you need to know about this demonic event!

During regular turns of the game, Diablo behaves just like any other hero. The player who’s playing as him will buy and sell minions and build their warband as normal — albeit without a Hero Power to help them, which puts them at a disadvantage compared to everyone else.

Every four turns, all other seven players are sent to a special encounter against a boss version of Diablo. This boss has 666 health — but that’s just for the thematic effect, so don’t worry about it. What you should concern yourself with is the special minion he comes with: a 3/3 “Diablo, Lord of Terror” Demon, which should be viewed as a veritable loot piñata. You want to kill it for two reasons: to earn a piece of treasure from and to deny the Diablo player from getting to double that reward.

As mentioned, if you manage to kill that minion, you get a treasure, and If you don’t, the Diablo player gets two treasures. Which means that the Diablo player could walk away with as little as zero or as many as 14 treasures every four turns! This makes the power of the Diablo hero a bit unpredictable. A few pro players and streamers have already mentioned that not many people are picking Diablo at the higher rating and MMR lobbies: in theory, the better the players in a lobby are, the higher the chances of the Diablo player walking away with very little loot, while everyone else gets armed with their treasures.

Nonetheless, while every other player is facing Diablo, the Diablo player is facing one of the other players as usual, just like a normal turn. If they lose that bout, they can take damage as normal. And the same is true of every other player who’s facing their own personal Diablo: if they lose to it, they will take damage regularly. If they win, they won’t get to damage the Diablo player, but they might get their sweet, sweet loot.

Finally, Hearthstone game designer Chadd Nervig (AKA Celestalon) has a helpful tip concerning Diablo in Battlegrounds:

Tip: Try to save Diablo loot for the next Diablo round. Especially as Diablo.

— Celestalon🎁🌙 #ABetterABK💙 (@Celestalon) November 2, 2021

This is a very good tip. Using the treasures during the Diablo encounter should greatly increase your chances of nabbing yourself some treasure, and of not losing that round of combat and taking “free damage” either.

So head off into the Battlegrounds prepared to face Diablo — he’ll only be around for another week, so if you plan to defeat the Lord of Terror you need to act fast.

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