There’s the infamous butt fumble, then there’s this.

Don’t think I’ve ever seen any athlete in any sport, let alone the NFL, make a catch with their butt.

Enter San Francisco 49ers DB K’Waun Williams, who did exactly that.

Watch below:

This catch by K’Waun Williams 😂🤣😂

— Jeffrey Walizer Jr (@JWalizerJr) November 16, 2021

We had the Butt Fumble.

We almost had the Butt Interception by K’Waun Williams#LARvsSF

— TWDTV (@TWDTV1) November 16, 2021

And it didn’t even count.

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Twitter still had some fun with it:

He pulled that one out of his #ss!

— Bill Lusk (@LootSportsLusk) November 16, 2021

— Colin Long (@cmacNFT) November 16, 2021

Hey Sanchez, you had a butt fumble- I got the butt interception.

— William (@sdipi95) November 16, 2021

This is the correct position to insert a suppository.

— Brad Stark (@Starkfaced) November 16, 2021

— Hazem Kiswani (@HazemKiswani) November 16, 2021

It taint an interception

— James Madere (@jmadere89) November 16, 2021

Now that’s how you go viral.

Taint a catch might be my favorite….

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