Catherine Zeta-Jones is the latest to join the cast of Tim Burton’s forthcoming Wednesday Addams series over at Netflix.

Update (8/9/2021): According to Deadline, actress Catherine Zeta-Jones has officially signed on to take on the role of Morticia Addams for the forthcoming Netflix Original series.

News of Zeta-Jones joining the cast comes hot on the heels of word that actor Luiz Guzman has also joined the cast in the role of the mysterious and spooky family’s resident patriarch, Gomez Addams.

Both Gomez and Zeta-Jones join actress Jenna Ortega, who was cast as the titular Wednesday Addams earlier this summer.

The Burton helmed series is set to focus on Wednesday’s time at Nevermore Academy. With that in mind, it seems like we won’t be seeing much of the Addamses’ home life. Even so, we’ll be curious to find out just how big of a role Luis Guzman’s Gomez and Catherine Zeta-Jones ’ Morticia end up playing on the series.

Additionally, we’ll be excited to see if any more casting news crops up for a few of the other iconic Addams Family characters.

Read up on what you can expect from Wednesday starring Jenna Ortega, Luis Guzman and Catherine Zeta-Jones below!

Original Story (8/6/2021):

According to Deadline, actor Luis Guzman is the latest star to join the cast of Netflix’s Addams Family series, Wednesday.

Directed by Tim Burton, the brand new live-action comedy is described as a coming-of-age tale that shines a spotlight on Morticia and Gomez’s titular daughter.

When the series premieres, fans will follow along as Wednesday Addams heads off to Nevermore Academy in an effort to master her emerging psychic ability. Once there, she’ll find herself thwarting a monstrous killing spree that has terrorized the local town, in addition to solving the supernatural mystery that embroiled her parents 25 years ago — all while navigating her new and very tangled relationships at Nevermore.

For his part, Luis Guzman will be taking on the role of the Addams Family’s patriarch, Gomez.

He joins actress Jenna Ortega, who was cast as the titular Wednesday this past May.

Behind the camera, Smallville creators Al Gough and Miles Millar serve as showrunners of the MGM Television series. Meanwhile, executive producers on the project include Steve Stark (The Event), Andrew Mittman for 1.21 (The Addams Family ), Kevin Miserocchi (Tee and Charles Addams Foundation), Kayla Alpert (Code Black), Jonathan Glickman for Glickmania (Addams Family 2), and Gail Berman (The Addams Family).