Travis Scott on the red carpet

Travis Scott isn’t exactly a shrinking wallflower — that’s safe to say, and his outspoken attitude has gotten the rapper into some trouble more than once.

Kylie Jenner’s man is pretty much on his way to being crowned the king of feuds at this point (okay, maybe joint king alongside his soon-to-be former brother-in-law and fellow rapper, Kanye West). Pretty much anyone who’s anyone has had something to say about Travis Scott. Only, a lot of the things they say aren’t exactly the nicest.

West himself had his own disagreement with the star. Though we can’t quite class this one as a drama-filled feud since they made up, West and Scott did seem to fall out over the latter teaming up with Drake. West made it clear on Twitter that he wasn’t happy about Drake and Scott’s track together in December 2018, before tweeting an update on their falling-out to confirm they’d "expressed [themselves]" and it was "all love." Feud averted, West plus Scott collaboration activated. They are family, after, thanks to the Kardashians!

But all of that was just a drop in the ocean when it comes to Scott’s many beefs, and there are plenty that most certainly aren’t "all love." So buckle up, hold on tight, and prepare to get "Goosebumps" as we take a look at some of the famous faces who seriously do not get along with Travis Scott.

Meek Mill and Travis Scott’s fight

Meek Mill (left), Travis Scott (right), both look at camera

There’s clearly no love lost between Travis Scott and Meek Mill. They have plenty in common; both are successful rappers who have had high-profile relationships — Meek and Nicki Minaj, Scott and Kylie Jenner — the list goes on. However, those similarities weren’t enough to keep the peace here.

These two got into what could have pretty easily turned into a serious confrontation when they were caught on camera engaging in a verbal fight. The footage was shared by Page Six in July 2021, with the site claiming the altercation went down while both were attending a Fourth of July party.

It’s still not exactly clear what the two were feuding about, though Mill did raise some eyebrows in 2018 when he didn’t exactly react well to the news that Scott would be performing at the Super Bowl. Meek tweeted, "For what???" (via Page Six), but the post has since been erased. He appeared to suggest his issue was more with the NFL after several stars turned down the gig, adding in another since-deleted message on Twitter: "And don’t get it twisted I f*** wit Travis too!"

Exactly what went down between these two outspoken rappers that escalated so much is still anyone’s guess!

Denzel Curry’s take on Travis Scott’s ‘attitude’

Denzel Curry (left) and Travis Scott (right) performing

Travis Scott-itude. At least that’s what we’re assuming is the nickname Denzel Curry gave Travis Scott (probably). The "Ultimate" hitmaker has had an issue with the "Sicko Mode" rapper, so much so that Curry called Scott out on social media.

This all went down during a Twitter question-and-answer session in November 2020 when an inquisitive fan asked if Curry would ever be willing to "work with" Scott. Ask, and you shall receive. Curry responded somewhat bluntly: "His attitude funky." So we’re gonna go with a big fat no on that one. Fans then pointed out that both he and Scott once used the same beat. Curry claimed in a tweet that it was a coincidence after a producer sent it to them both.

Scott’s fans were quick to defend him against the diss, but Curry wasn’t about to back down. "Lol people really mad about me keepin it real about their favorite artist," Curry tweeted of the backlash, later adding, "Let’s Start a boxing league for rappers that don’t like each other." Well, if that did happen, we’re guessing Travis Scott would have a few people lining up to get in the ring with him…

As for Scott’s take on this drama? It appears he took the high road, since he did not seem to address the remarks publicly.

Tory Lanez and Travis Scott’s beef

Tory Lanez (left) and Travis Scott (right) performing

Come on down, Tory Lanez. The controversial rapper is yet another in a long line of hip-hop stars who have taken issue with Travis Scott, and their spat almost manifested into a physical altercation. WorldStar Hip Hop shared a clip on Instagram in 2018 of things getting heated between the two, but the video was reportedly filmed in 2016 at the Mala Luna Festival. It shows the duo exchanging less than pleasant words, with Lanez telling Scott (in part), "I said what I said. If you felt a way, and you wanna handle it the way you wanna handle it."

As for exactly what caused this encounter, we’re not sure. Things appeared to come to a head when Lanez threw a little shade after a fan suggested he sounded like Scott while featuring on the Meek Mill track "Litty." In response, Tory Lanez wrote in a since-deleted tweet, "I can’t sound like somebody I wrote for…" (via XXL).

Lanez also addressed all the drama on the song "Hate to Say," where he appeared to apologize for their disagreement. "Me and Travis Scott almost fought at the Mala Luna/We both agreed shortly after that it was music/We possibly could be doin’ that’s bigger than tryna ruin it/So my apologies… just forgive me for doin’ it," the lyrics read.

Lanez has since gone on to hit the headlines for a serious gun incident involving Megan Thee Stallion.

Tommy Lee called Travis Scott a copycat

Tommy Lee (left), Travis Scott (right)

So, Tommy Lee isn’t the biggest fan of Travis Scott or his staging, apparently. The Mötley Crüe star, whose personal life has been just as high-profile as his career – we’re looking at you, Pamela Anderson — took to Instagram in November 2018 to slam Scott for concert staging that was similar to his own.

Tommy Lee shared a video of Travis Scott being sent upside down inside a large silver ring during one of his Astroworld sets, alongside an older clip of Lee drumming upside down. "Just found out this f***ing idiot @travisscott or someone on his team ripped off the 360 AND The Crüecifly! WTF!!" Lee claimed in the caption of the upload. He cautioned Scott, "Get an original idea bro…"

Kourtney Kardashian’s now-fiance weighed in when Tommy Lee told fans that Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker was not the original flipped drummer. On Twitter, Barker pointed out that both himself and Lee were influenced by Buddy Rich, who Barker said played the drums upside down first (although Jack Valentine may have been the first). Lee responded, "I’ve never said I was the 1st to play drums upside down! What I’m saying is I’ve since then created the inconceivable rollercoaster drums etc." While Barker and Lee maintained the drummer love throughout their discussion, Lee ended his tweet with a subtle dig at Travis Scott: "you know who I’m talkin about." That we do.

Nick Cannon slammed Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner’s romance

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner on the red carpet

One person who’s no fan of Travis Scott is former "America’s Got Talent" and "Wild ‘n Out" host, Nick Cannon. The host and comedian seriously went in on the rapper in 2019 while speaking on "Raq Rants."

The topic of Scott’s Super Bowl Halftime show came up, and Cannon made it clear that he wasn’t a fan of the star performing after other artists, including Rihanna, who turned down the gig amid protests regarding the treatment of Black football players. "It’s more about truly having integrity to who you are in your music, in your art form, the people you choose to interact with, the people you choose to procreate with," Cannon said of Scott’s decision to perform anyway (via TMZ).

Cannon — who previously dated Jenner’s sister, Kim Kardashian — called out Scott and Jenner (or the original Kravis, as we’ll call them; sorry, Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker) for their relationship, claiming the rapper’s "decision" to date Jenner "wasn’t for the culture."

As for how Scott felt about Cannon’s comments? He doesn’t appear to have spoken publicly himself, though a source claimed he wasn’t happy. "Nick should get in line behind everyone else that is having beef with Travis. Travis doesn’t care what Nick has to say about him. He does care that he talked about Kylie. That wasn’t cool," an insider claimed to HollywoodLife.

Nicki Minaj and Travis Scott’s long history

Nicki Minaj (left) and Travis Scott (right)

Hold on tight for this one, as there’s a lot to go over. Nicki Minaj and Travis Scott have a pretty rocky history, with their drama boiling over in August 2018 when Scott’s "Astroworld" blocked Minaj’s "Queen" from the top of Billboard’s Top 200 album chart. The albums were pretty much on par with physical sales, but streaming figures cinched the top spot for Scott the second week running. And Minaj really didn’t like that.

"I put my blood sweat & tears in writing a dope album only for Travis Scott to have Kylie Jenner post a tour pass telling ppl to come see her & Stormi. Lol," she tweeted, suggesting Scott’s merchandise and tour bundles were unfair. She then shared a screenshot of one of Jenner’s album posts, along with another rant.

But Minaj wasn’t done there. She also called out Scott on her Apple Music "Queen" radio show that same month, saying, "What we’re not gonna do is have this auto-tune man, coming up here, selling f***ing sweaters and telling y’all he sold half a million f***ing albums, ’cause he didn’t."

She later added, "…someone comes and sells a tour pass that has nothing to do with his f***ing music and says that he’s sold more than Nicki Minaj…and Kanye West and Nas — no, the f*** you didn’t, keep it the f*** real. … I know I’m that b****, I know I’m number one."

A$AP Rocky is not Travis Scott

A$AP Rocky (left), Travis Scott (right)

Though they may have plenty in common as two of the biggest rappers in the game right now, you do not — and we repeat do not — want to get A$AP Rocky and Travis Scott confused. The drama appears to have begun in September 2015 when Scott made it clear he wasn’t happy with a fan who mistook him for Rocky. In a TMZ video, Scott lunged at the stranger on the street, retorting, "I’m not motherf***ing A$AP, b****!"

A$AP Rocky and his crew didn’t have the nicest things to say in response. In January 2016, A$AP Nast accused Scott of stealing Rocky’s style in a series of since-deleted Instagram posts (via Complex). As for what A$AP Rocky himself had to say, he suggested he’d influenced Scott’s style and inspired him. "It’s stuff like that that leads to… that’s instigation. You’re hearing it from me; let shorty rock, and let the people decide if he a biter or if he authentic," he said on Hot 97 in January 2016. Shade!

Three years later, Rocky appeared to take another dig at Scott in a freestyle rap at Rolling Loud Festival in New York City. He never officially confirmed who he was rapping about, though fans speculated he dissed Scott by asking people not to compare him and the unnamed person. He did seemingly drop a hint though, referencing Travis’ "Highest in the Room" by rapping that "the loudest" person "in the room is the weakest."

Travis Scott was disrespectful to T-Pain

T-Pain (left) and Travis Scott (right) performing

Another star who didn’t exactly have the best experience with Travis Scott is T-Pain. On a Twitch livestream, T-Pain described some odd behavior he’s witnessed when trying to collaborate with Scott. "I started going in about how I do production. The whole time I’m looking at my computer… Then I turned around. Everybody in the room f***ing asleep. Knocked the f*** out," T-Pain recalled in July 2020. "Travis is also somehow sleep standing up. Don’t know how. Can’t f***ing tell you. I don’t know what the f*** happened. Bro, I was only talking for like three or four minutes," he said (via Highsnobiety).

You’d think Scott would want to make things up to his fellow rapper after that, right? Wrong! T-Pain claimed he set up a new time, but Scott was a no-show, even though he was active on social media while skipping his studio time. "Didn’t skip a goddamn beat. I seen that he was on ‘Fortnite.’ Hit him up on private chat, nothing." Even after giving Scott some time and then reaching out to him, the rapper ghosted T-Pain (via Real 92.3).

Scott explained what happened on .WAV radio later that month, claiming he wasn’t sleeping but was, erm, well, let’s just say very relaxed after indulging. "I played some of ‘Astroworld,’ like just letting him know where I was at. I think he started playing some joints. At the end of the day, I’m blasted," he said with a laugh, "So like, man, I wasn’t asleep in the [studio]."

Shane Morris claimed Travis Scott left him for dead

Travis Scott performing

Music manager Shane Morris has been vocal about his relationship with Travis Scott, and there’s a reason why things turned sour between them. Via TikTok, Morris explained that he first published a post in 2013 about a traumatic event with Scott. The manager confirmed that his story later resurfaced on Reddit.

Morris claimed he started working with Scott in 2010 and put the rapper in touch with people who could help his career. But things started to get strained when Scott allegedly attempted to pass off music he heard during a session with a producer as his own, something Morris supposedly encouraged Scott not to do. Morris wrote that Scott showed up at his apartment "screaming at" him when the rapper wanted to take the music to a session (via Reddit). That wasn’t even the worst of it.

Morris wrote that he’s epileptic and had a seizure one night while he was at a party with Scott. Morris alleged that instead of helping, Scott and his friend left. The manager claimed he called Scott the next day, and the rapper rejected him over the seizures, saying, "How do I know you’re not just gonna be shaking on the ground and s***?"

Morris blasted Scott again following the horrific tragedy of Scott’s Astroworld concert in November 2021. "Travis Scott is the worst person I worked with in my entire career in music," he claimed on TikTok. "When [Scott] sees people in harm or danger, he tends to only continue thinking about himself… he’s been doing this for years at other concerts." Scott doesn’t appear to have publicly responded to Morris’ claims.

Vic Mensa isn’t here to be compared to Travis Scott

Vic Mensa (left) and Travis Scott (right)

You guessed it. Another beef Travis Scott has with a fellow rapper. This one dates back to 2015 when Vic Mensa came for Scott in his "Heir to the Throne" freestyle.

The controversial lyrics include lines such as, "Rich boy rappers get the notion that they tough, you a Cheddar Bob you better shooting yourself." Though he didn’t name names, what made it pretty clear Scott was the one he was taking aim at was his obvious spin on his fellow rapper’s famous "straight up" ad lib on the song (via Vice).

But that wasn’t the first time Mensa didn’t have the nicest things to say about Scott, or Jacques Bermon Webster II, if you will. In a since-deleted tweet posted around the same time, Mensa appeared to take offense after a HotNewHipHop review described one of his tracks as being like a "Travis Scott song without the autotune." Though that seemed like a compliment, he didn’t seem to take it that way and allegedly asked HotNewHipHop not to compare him to "funny style" rappers in a since-deleted tweet (via The Early Registration).

Yeah, so, it’s safe to say that while Travis Scott is one of the most popular rappers in the game, he’s probably not the most popular amongst his fellow rappers.