Thylane Blondeau young

History is filled with fairytales about beautiful children — some of whom were even given names based on their appearance, like Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. And cinema is filled with icons like National Velvet‘s Elizabeth Taylor and Miracle on 34th Street‘s Natalie Wood. Then there are the adorable little gals of musicals, like Aileen Quinn of 1982’s Annie and Shirley Temple, America’s sweetheart, who inspired a delicious sparkling cherry grenadine drink.

There isn’t a shortage of beautiful children in the recent past, either. But whatever became of some of our favorite child stars? Many of them grew up to continue their careers in acting or modeling. Some took other paths, or at least chose to amble beside (rather than glide down) the red carpet. But the children listed below have gone on to do great things — in or out of the spotlight. Read on to find out what ever happened to some of the prettiest kids in the world.

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