If you think cheese balls are old news, take a gander at this playful—and tasty—holiday treat. We can’t think of a more suitable Thanksgiving appetizer or game-day snack than an Herbed Turkey Cheese Ball!

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How to Make a Thanksgiving Cheese Ball

For the super simple turkey-themed cheese ball you’ll need the following ingredients: cream cheese and goat cheese, herbes de Provence, garlic, Dijon mustard, almonds, some bell peppers for the feet and neck, a raisin for the eyes and then thin pretzel sticks for the feathers.

What to Serve a Cheese Ball With

Everything tastes good with a cheese spread on it! Although this recipe suggests crackers as a cheese ball accompaniment, sky’s the limit as far as options go. Set out sliced veggies, gluten-free flatbread, pita chips, or anything else you have on hand that you’re trying to use up.

Another great thing about cheese balls? They feed numerous people and can usually sit out for mid-day grazing whenever the munchies strike. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!