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If you’re considering adding a leafy companion to your home this season, you should go for it. You’ll see a number of benefits to your health after bringing plants into your indoor spaces. Besides, you’ll never know if you have a green thumb if you never try taking care of a plant.

Biophilic design is centered around our need to connect with nature within modern environments, according to Metropolis. Their article also points out that we spend roughly an average of 90% of our time indoors. Changing your indoor scenery by incorporating plants can have a positive effect on your overall health and happiness. Prevention points out that indoor plants also liven up a room, making it more comfortable. For those who choose to greenify their surroundings, the benefits are manifold.

Few ways of improving your life are as easy as buying and caring for a plant. Read on to find out how having plants indoors can help with things ranging from improving your concentration to potentially providing allergy relief and better air quality indoors. It may surprise you that something so simple could have so many positive effects.

Being surrounded by plants can help reduce stress

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The American Heart Association states that daily stress and trauma can increase the risk of heart disease. Keeping stress levels down can therefore help you avoid serious health complications, such as a heart attack. This is one area where plants can provide assistance. Horticulturist Marc Hachadourian told Insider, "There are obviously therapeutic effects of caring for plants and gardening has been shown to decrease blood pressure and reduce stress." If indoor plants can help to lower blood pressure, a key indicator of the stress hormone cortisol, they may end up saving your life.

Keeping your heart healthy is one of many ways that lowering stress is a boon to health. It’s also worth noting that being less stressed not only lowers mortality rates (via NPR) but may help you to have better relationships with others, according to Nevada Today, which can itself create a positive feedback loop. Thrive Global has said that when your relationships are stronger, that will also increase happiness and lead to a better overall mood. All thanks to the magical effect of having plants around your home.

Indoor plants purify the air in your home

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An article from Fast Company notes that as home insulation has improved over the years, efficient air circulation has declined. Now, biofilters are being engineered to harness the power of plants to remove particulate matter and pollution. Plants are able to filter many kinds of pollutants out of the air in your home, including chemicals and smoke, according to a study by NASA. This natural filtering process can have positive side effects for your health, such as reducing frequency of headaches from poor air quality. Having plants around will also help with allergy relief by keeping your air clean and clear.

This secret power of plants has actually been known for some time by researchers at NASA, who have been studying eco-solutions for decades. Though the exact amount and type of plants needed to achieve a significant improvement in air quality may vary, you can be confident that more plants are better for the air around you.

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