Former ESPN employee Michelle Beadle admitted to Paul Pierce that LeBron James tried to get her fired when she was still with the prominent network

Michele Beadle started her new podcast on The Athletic’s network with a bang this week.

Beadle and fellow former ESPN colleague, Paul Pierce, spent a lot of time during the show talking smack about their former network.

It started off with Pierce – who revealed that he was already pretty done with the whole thing before he was fired thanks to his drunken video with strippers.

“I was tired of it anyway, truthfully,” said Paul Pierce. “I got nothing against ’em, but I was getting bored there, stuff was changing all the time, and it just wasn’t the same feeling like it was when we was doing it.”

Paul Pierce on ESPN firing him: “I was tired of it anyway, truthfully.”

— The IC Workstation (@ClippelBoardy) November 19, 2021

As the podcast went on, Michelle Beadle would say that she felt Lakers star LeBron James tried to get her fired

Michelle Beadle says LeBron James tried to get her fired from ESPN:

— The IC Workstation (@ClippelBoardy) November 19, 2021

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It all started when Paul Pierce insinuated to Michelle Beadle that LeBron James was actively trying to get her removed from ESPN.

“He tried,” said Beadle, responding to Pierce bringing up the rumor. “He did try to do that. I was like, ‘Wow, I’m honored that I’m even on your mind. Thank you very much. That’s a weird place for me to be.’”

LeBron James has not responded to the rumor, and likely won’t. But it looks like Michelle Beadle and Paul Pierce feel better off without ESPN tying them down.

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