Justin Bieber posing at an event

Justin Bieber was just a tween posting homemade videos of himself singing cover songs on YouTube back in 2007. However, that all changed after Scooter Braun happened to scroll through the social media platform one fateful day. The music industry maestro stumbled upon the Canadian crooner and saw a future superstar… who only had a handful of followers. As Braun told Forbes, "I signed Justin when he had 70,000 views on YouTube." This signing would eventually lead to a deal with Usher, which would lead to one of the biggest careers in pop music.

J-Beebs was 15 years old when he released his first single, "One Time," and it hit platinum status in his homeland within weeks. He hadn’t even turned 16 and his career was already skyrocketing. Over the next few years, Bieber became a music superstar. He racked up masses of hits, more than his fair share of scandalous headlines, a slew of high-profile relationships, a wealth of awards, and a staggering amount of world records — like, seriously staggering. Even the most devout JB fanatics will be surprised at all the Guinness world records set by Justin Bieber. Don’t Belieb us? Well, read on and weep, doubters.

Justin Bieber posing at an event
Justin Bieber wearing a purple sweatshirt
Justin Bieber smiling at an event
Justin Bieber posing at an event
Justin Bieber furrowing brow
Justin Bieber posing at an event
Justin Bieber with short blonde dreadlocks
Justin Bieber grinning at an event
Justin Bieber smiling in a white baseball cap
Justin Bieber in black sunglasses and red jacket
Justin Bieber sticking out his tongue
Justin Bieber making peace sign with fingers
Justin Bieber posing in a suit
Justin Bieber posing at an event