At this time, we’re running calculations that will bring Season of Mastery players who have earned Honor to the correct Rank. This may take a little while to complete, and if you aren’t seeing your correct Rank thereafter, logging out and back in may be required.

As soon as we can, we intend to refund and remove gear from player-characters who do not meet the Rank requirement to have obtained the gear. With that in mind, we advise players who have found themselves in possession of a high Rank piece of gear to not waste any resources on it, such as enchantments.

Thank you for your patience as we continue to fix this.

Imagine SoM Honor system being broken to the point of already having rank 12’s on week 3. Well, it’s happened.

You can see some screenshots below of players that have bypassed several ranks. The math does not make sense at all and it seems like players jumped 5-8 ranks out of nowhere.

It appears that Blizzard did a stealth patch which messed up the honor rankings – there was no notice and players just randomly noticed the increased ranks.

If you log out completely and log back in you should see the update.

Players are crunching the numbers on the ranking discord and there is no way math adds up.

Small indie company?

Players have bought their epic mounts for 90 gold from the PvP Vendor.

I have ranked multiple characters, this is not how it works – Flowers, Hunter on Jom Gabbar PVP Server

Blizzard has yet to respond!

A level 58 Marshall.

A level 58 with an epic PvP Mount