Former quarterback Brett Favre is being forced to pay back money from an embezzlement scheme involving charitable organizations in Mississippi

The Old Gun slinger is not about kids playing tackle football. The Green Bay Packers legendary Quarterback revealed a new PSA that says younger children should play flag football to reduce their risk of developing CTE. Favre believes parents should wait until children are 14 years of age before they allow their children to play.

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Watch the Favre PSA below:

“I don’t know what normal feels like. Do I have CTE? I really don’t know,” Favre told “TODAY.” “Concussions are a very, very serious thing and we’re just scraping the surface of how severe they are.”

“A football player’s odds of developing CTE may be most determined by their parents, specifically what age the child is allowed to start playing tackle football,” he said. “It’s time to accept that CTE is not just a risk for professional and college football players, but also for high school players, and the best way to prevent CTE among football players is to delay the introduction of tackle football.”

“(There’s) no telling how many concussions I’ve had, and what are the repercussions of that, there’s no answer,” Favre told “TODAY” in an interview before his appearance on the broadcast Tuesday. “I wasn’t the best student, but I still can remember certain things that you would go, ‘Why would you even remember that?’ But I can’t remember someone that I played six years with in Green Bay … but the face looks familiar. Those type of issues that make me wonder.”

As for Favre, he said he hasn’t encouraged his three grandsons to play football.

“If they choose to play I will support them, but I ‘m not going to encourage them in any way to play. That surprises a lot of people, but I’m just fearful of what concussions can do,” Favre said. “And it only takes one. Maybe I have had a thousand… It’s just too risky. I’m not going to encourage them to play until there’s a treatment.”

“The best way to avoid concussions is not to play at all, and of course that’s not going to happen,” he said.

Favre knows a thing or two about concussions, and he’s probably right, kids shouldn’t be in a position to get any kind of head trauma.

You just know some football purists are not going to buy into Favre’s take.

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