Side by side screen grabs of a Panera employee making their green tea

Dylan Smith, a Panera employee, has been giving a behind-the-scenes look at the popular chain restaurant on TikTok. He’s filmed himself filling parfait cups, dancing with coworkers, and has told viewers about the newest menu items (hello, Grilled Mac and Cheese Sandwich). Basically, he’s the proprietor of #Paneratok. And, it’s making us want to eat at Panera a lot more than normal.

Recently, he’s been sharing the restaurant’s more popular drink recipes. He’s shared how to make the iced chai latte, caramel iced coffee, and their amazing frozen hot chocolate. Now, he’s shown us the secret of how to make their popular green tea.

Spill The Tea

Smith spills the tea on this secret ingredient in a recent TikTok video. He fills a cup with ice, then fills it with the secret green tea formula. But honestly, there’s no real secret here. It’s just a concentrate from the Republic of Tea.

The video cuts to a large container of the concentrate, called PassionFruit Papaya Green Tea. To make the copious amounts needed for Panera, the recipe calls for one container of the tea concentrate and five containers of water.

The Republic of Tea also has other flavors available for purchase. This includes the PassionFruit Papaya Black Tea, which includes a tin of 50 tea bags, and the Honey Ginseng Green Tea. They also have various tea gift sets, such as this fun The Mandalorian gift box, as well as loose leaf tea, which is the perfect gift for any tea-lover.

Panera’s Secret Menu

Smith has also shown a few menu hacks for the restaurant. Panera’s secret menu includes sandwiches, salads, and the “Panera duet” which is basically a pick-2, but half the price.

The secret sandwiches include an Avocado Sandwich, Sierra Chicken Sandwich, and Steak Arugula Sandwich. Salad options were Seasonal Greens with or without chicken. And the Panera duets include options of Cesar Salad and Chicken Noodle Soup, Greek Salad and Tomato Soup, Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup, or Tuna Sandwich and 10 Vegetable Soup.

We’re wondering where Smith has been all of our lives and can’t wait to see what he reveals next about one of our fave restaurants.

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