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The universe of Cobra Kai seems to expand with every single season. Recently, the titular villain from The Karate Kid III, Terry Silver, was brought into Cobra Kai Season 4 as the agitator for Daniel (Ralph Macchio). Now Macchio has spoken about the potentiality of bringing back or crossing over the other installments of The Karate Kid. He claims that Hilary Swank would make sense, as far as canon plot points are concerned, but not Jackie Chan or Jaden Smith. According to Ralph Macchio, “Anyone who knew Mr. Miyagi and interacted with Mr. Miyagi is canon for our show, for the ‘Cobra Kai’ show.”

The first three Karate Kid films and The Next Karate Kid are all part of this “Miyagi-verse.” The reboot of the film doesn’t concern anyone that had been trained or even seen Mr. Miyagi, so naturally, it wouldn’t make much sense for either of the aforementioned characters from the rebooted film to appear in Cobra Kai. Now, how Hilary Swank would interact with Ralph Macchio could be left up to fan theories. Seeing the two potentially fight would likely be out of the question as they were both the heroes of their respective stories.

hilary swank

Julie Pierce is the character that was played by Hilary Swank in The Next Karate Kid, and though Swank could be too high-profile of an actor to get into Cobra Kai, Ralph Macchio could help to convince her to appear in one or two episodes for nostalgia sakes. Maybe she might find her way to creating a dojo of her own design, or rather, use her expert skills about anger control to pass on to the younger and more violent members of the Miyagi-Do. The Next Karate Kid concerned itself completely with grief-counseling and how Mr. Miyagi was able to teach Pierce how to control her anger after both her parents are lost in a car accident.

With how much smarter the show can become within the confines of its own canon plot points, there is no telling how many more characters from the previous films can make their way back into the limelight for Cobra Kai. Ralph Macchio seems to be in full control of where he can and wants to take this new series. Who knows, maybe he will convince Hilary Swank to come around for just a brief moment. That would be some deeper fan service for those who grew up watching the original films in the ’80s and ’90s, but even more who have surrounded themselves with the rich backstory of Cobra Kai. It’s not often that a film from the ’80s can be revived in this way.

One thing is for sure, the Cobra Kai universe is becoming richer and richer, which is impressive considering it started on YouTube Red. The now Netflix-based show transition and gained much more interest as the fans couldn’t stop speaking about how amazing the expanded storylines had become. Ralph Macchio and William Zapka are truly a rivalry that can last the test of time and seems as though it will.