UFC president Dana White sought the advice of Joe Rogan after his whole family caught the COVID virus while in Maine for Thanksgiving weekend

Dana White responded to Jake Paul’s demands after Paul had a list of things that White and the UFC would need to do if they wanted to get Paul in the octagon.

Well it looks like I was wrong! Earlier after Jake Paul made his list of demands public, calling out UFC head Dana White, I stated that I didn’t think White would even respond to Paul this week.

Here is what White had to say about Paul’s demands:

I guess he never REALLY responded to Jake Paul’s demands. So I am going to chalk that up as a push.

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White stated that Paul didn’t even respond to his initial challenge which was mainly focused on drug testing.

White also never mentioned any of the conditions Paul laid out and instead decided to simply invite Jake to do it better and to “knock yourself out, go start your own business.”

No doubt Jake Paul will try to come up with something in the coming day that will hit on how Dana doesn’t care about his fighters and that he just cares about himself.

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