Peacemaker is now available on HBO Max and it confirms that a very obscure DC character exists in the DCEU.

Peacemaker is now on HBO Max and there’s a lot to discuss after watching the first few episodes. But one thing you might’ve missed is that the show confirms that an obscure character from the comic books exists in the DCEU.

In Episode 2, John Economos argues with Peacemaker, with the former saying he’d rather work with Bat-Mite than John Cena’s hero. And for those who don’t know, Bat-Mite is a bizarre inter-dimensional imp who often showed up in Batman comics in the early 1960s.

As explains, “presented as a small man in an ill-fitting Batman costume, Bat-Mite uses an ever-growing array of magical powers to create scenarios to draw out his idol, Batman.” And while we’ve seen the character in animation before, Peacemaker is the first live-action DC project to acknowledge him.