Tom Selleck in 2017

Tom Selleck was one of the biggest TV hunks of the ’80s thanks to his famous mustache and his classic role in "Magnum P.I.," but after eight successful seasons on the show, the actor decided to take a break from his career right at its very height — a move that left many scratching their heads. Selleck brushed aside the fact that he was one of Hollywood’s hottest names so that he could better focus on his marriage to Jillie Mack, and it sure worked because they’re together to this day. Besides, he didn’t completely leave acting behind. A quick glance at his IMDb page reveals that Selleck never truly stopped working, picking up steady gigs all throughout the ’90s, including an unforgettable run on "Friends," and landing his own Hallmark TV movie franchise in the 2000s. To date, he’s played police chief Jesse Stone in 10 films and counting and, in 2010, he found his next big hit on the small screen in the form of "Blue Bloods." The series is still going strong after 12 seasons and Selleck’s got the net worth to prove it.

Even more impressive is the fact that, despite his massive success and his status as a heartthrob, Selleck has managed to stay out of the tabloids for much of his career. There have been a few shady moments he’s had to contend with, however, and we’re breaking them all down below

Tom Selleck filming Magnum P.I.