AnneMunition gaming chair

People in similar lines of work tend to date. After all, when two people socialize in similar circles and share interests, it makes sense that they might hit it off. But there is another reason why streamers in particular tend to wind up together. Performing in the public eye and living life in front of a camera takes a certain frame of mind, and that is especially true of streamers and content creators at the top of their game. As pointed out by PC Gamer, some streamers become well-known enough that their friends and spouses can become famous by proxy.

Many streamers choose to keep their relationship status secret or ambiguous, as fans can be obsessive, creepy, and even abusive to their internet idols’ real-world spouses. The Verge reports that these problems are especially prevalent for women who stream, as streamers who disclose relationships are often harassed, and those who keep their love lives secret — or even truthfully admit to being single — are often unfairly accused of hiding things from their viewers for the sake of appearing available.

In many ways, it makes sense that so many streamers choose a "Player 2" who is already in the same line of work. Still, you may not have even realized that the following streamers have dated.

Marcus and Loserfruit
Delphron & 8Bit Dylan
SleightlyMusical & Lilypichu
xQc & Adept
Anne Munition and Lyloun
Dog & Hafu
GeorgeNotFound & Justa Minx
Legendarylea and Sodapoppin together
Boxbox and Enluna