Team USA Winter Olympics Uniform

(Sebastian Kim/Ralph Lauren Corporation)

It’s that time again, America, and before Olympic athletes from all around the world hit the fields—and rinks, courses, and pools—we’re getting a preview of the iconic fashion that Team USA 2022 is serving with this year’s uniforms.

You may recall that during the 2020 Olympics, Team USA made international headlines for their uniforms—designed by Ralph Lauren! Of course, while fans went wild for the fresh red, white, and blue looks, the same can’t be said for the public’s reaction to Team Canada’s jean jackets. But in 2022, both teams are stepping up their fashion game a la the season’s biggest trend: the Puffer Jacket.

Of course, Ralph Lauren is back at it again, designing Team USA’s ceremonial outfits for the 14th year since it first debuted styles at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. But unlike Team USA, Team Canada decided to change things up, finally making a departure from their years-long partnership with Hudson’s Bay—which has dressed Canada since the 2006 Turin Winter Games.

Keep reading to find out more about the Team USA Winter 2022 uniforms, how the outfits are eco-friendly, and which athleisure-wear designer is helping Team Canada level up their style game.

In its 14th year designing for Team USA, Ralph Lauren is designing uniforms for both the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. However, Ralph Lauren hasn’t yet debuted the Opening Ceremony ‘fit; we may just have to wait until the ’22 Olympics kick off in February.

After debuting the Closing Ceremony kits back in October, Ralph Lauren added that it planned to roll out the Opening Ceremony uniforms in the new year.

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Team USA’s Olympic Uniform Closing Ceremony

Team USA’s uniform for the Closing Ceremony will feature red, white, and blue buffalo plaid puffer jackets, intarsia turtleneck sweaters with the American flag, and blue fleece leggings for women, and white fleece pants for men. This year’s unisex uniforms also continue the recent tradition of committing to a level of sustainability, which usually means using recycled and/or responsibly sourced materials.

In anticipation of the Olympic and Paralympic Games 2022, Polo Ralph Lauren proudly unveils the official @TeamUSA Closing Ceremony uniforms

Learn more about how we support #TeamUSA as an Official Outfitter: #WinterOlympics #WinterParalympics

— Ralph Lauren (@RalphLauren) October 28, 2021

In a press release, David Lauren, Chief Branding and Innovation Officer at Ralph Lauren, said, “Ralph Lauren is incredibly proud to outfit Team USA in apparel that has been designed with integrity and purpose. For these Games, the design aesthetic of our uniform represents a modern look that feels distinctly new and fresh, created with sustainability in mind.”

Each uniform also includes gloves and boots made of recycled polyester and as always, each facet of the uniform is manufactured in the United States.

Team USA’s Olympic underwear, loungewear and sleepwear

For the summer 2021 Olympics in Tokyo, you may recall that Kim Kardashian’s loungewear and apparel brand SKIMS made headlines for selling Team USA outfits. Yep—underwear, loungewear, and sleepwear included. In 2022, Kardashian is continuing the partnership for the Winter Olympics in Bejing—good news for those of us who loved supporting Team USA in our jammies.

“I’m thrilled that SKIMS and Team USA are continuing to partner for these Winter Games,” Kardashian said in a press release. “Our collection of lounge and sleepwear was designed with these inspiring women in mind, and I’m so proud that Olympic and Paralympic athletes will be wearing SKIMS again during their downtime!”

Kardashian added on Instagram, “Ever since I was 10 years old, I’ve heard every single detail about the Olympics from my stepdad. As I would watch the athletes compete, I would grow to understand the dedication and honor being a part of the Olympics embodied.”

She added, “I traveled [with] my stepdad and family to all different cities for the Olympic trials, the Olympics, and track meets of @caitlynjenner‘s and at every stop, I would buy an Olympic T-shirt as a souvenir.”

The limited-edition collection includes T-shirts, sports bras, leggings, biker shorts, tanks, sweatpants, and more.

“Team USA’s first collection with SKIMS was a huge hit with both athletes and fans and we’re thrilled to bring another collection to life as we head into the Winter Games,” added Peter Zeytoonjian, Senior Vice President of U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Properties. “This new collection features warmer materials, bringing extra comfort to Team USA’s athletes as they compete in cooler temperatures.”

Available while supplies last, the collection will officially launch on SKIMS’ website on January 25, 2022.

Where can I buy Team USA outfits?

Two-time gold medalist snowboarder Jamie Anderson—one of Ralph Lauren’s Olympic athlete ambassadors—couldn’t stop raving about the Closing Ceremony uniforms. “I was just saying how cozy this jacket is,” Anderson told The Associated Press, adding, “It just feels really good. Like, quality. You know they’re going to last forever, which is awesome.”

But Anderson—and other Olympians—aren’t the only ones who can enjoy the 2022 Team USA outfits this year.

In addition to grabbing Olympics-inspired apparel from SKIMS, you can also snag the exact same outfits that Team USA will wear on the medal stand. Made available by Nike, the Medal Stand Collection features T-shirts and tanks, as well as the Windrunner and matching pants—both of which are made from 90 percent recycled fabric.



In addition to grabbing Olympic gear at, fans can also purchase a Team USA outfit from Of course, it’ll cost you a pretty penny if you’re looking to buy the exact outfit (try nearly $2,000 for the puffer jacket alone), but it is pretty sweet to say you have the same uniform as Team USA!

Ralph Lauren

(Ralph Lauren)

The collection features puffer, matching pants, Closing Ceremony sweaters, fleece jacket, and more. A portion of the proceeds will support the USA Olympic teams.

When are the 2022 Olympics?

Did you know the first modern Olympics dates back as far as 1894? Of course, the ancient games go back even further, but 1894 was the year that Charles Pierre de Frédy, Baron de Coubertin, founded the International Olympic Committee. Two years later, the first modern games took place and the International Olympic Committee still oversees the Games today.

Nowadays, the modern Olympics take place every four years, a system modeled after the ancient Olympic Games. Back then, it was a way for ancient Greeks to mark the passing of time, but today we stick to the every-four-year timeframe as a way of honoring tradition. As such, the 2022 Winter Olympics kick off on February 4, 2022.

Are the 2022 Olympic Uniforms Eco-Friendly?

With more recent USA uniforms focusing on elements of sustainability, this year’s uniforms are also made with recycled polyester, recycled down and wool certified by the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS). In fact, Ralph Lauren also announced in the Olympics press release that it would be committing to using 100 % RWS certified or recycled wool by the year 2025.

Our #RLxTeamUSA athletes Ryan-Cochran Siegle, @JamieASnow, and @AjaLEvans join Polo Ralph Lauren to unveil the @TeamUSA Closing Ceremony uniforms

Learn more about how we support #TeamUSA as an Official Outfitter: #WinterParalympics

— Ralph Lauren (@RalphLauren) October 30, 2021

Lauren added, “We are highly invested in scaling sustainability solutions that have the potential to significantly reduce our and the wider industry’s impact, and we are proud to have created thoughtful apparel for Team USA that embodies this mission.”

Similarly, Olympic brown medalist bobsledder Aja Evans appreciates the company’s sustainable take on the uniforms. Evans told Yahoo!, “For sure, Ralph Lauren is just the brand to be in. I feel so good wearing the clothing and it’s all sustainable as well. That makes me feel good that they’re… you know, it’s kind of benefiting the environment. And they work with Team USA athletes and help give back with proceeds. So, I feel like all around, they’re a support system for us.”

What is the 2022 Canadian Olympic uniform?



Then, there’s Team Canada! Their 2020 Olympic kit—designed by Canadian retailer Hudson’s Bay—featured graffitied denim jackets and white jeans, an ode to Canadian streetwear. After receiving quite a bit of backlash from the Internet, Team Canada pivoted in 2022 and announced a new partnership with Lululemon. This year, Lululemon designed the ‘fits for both the Olympics and Paralympics.

Is there a medal for best dressed? If so, see below. Meet the official Athlete Kit for Team Canada.

— lululemon (@lululemon) October 26, 2021

A far cry from 2020’s denim look, 2022 Olympic Canadian athletes will wear all-red and all-cream kits featuring insulted, sweat-wicking and anti-microbial textiles. These uniforms are designed to resist water and wind and also feature an abundance of hidden pockets (as well as Canada’s maple leaf icon). The full outfit includes parkas, down jackets, joggers, trapper caps, bucket hats, and zip-ups.



What’s most exciting, however, is the Lululemon kit’s versatility. The parka zips off in different areas for adjustable length and the down jacket can also transition and be worn like a backpack. Pretty cool, huh?

How to Watch the 2022 Olympics

The 2022 Olympics airs on NBC during primetime—8 p.m. EST (5 p.m. PDT). You can also stream the Olympic events on, NBC Sports, and Peacock. It’s also available to watch on Sling TV’s Olympic Channel, YouTube TV and with a Hulu + Live TV subscription. You can also access the full Olympics schedule—as well as select live streams—at

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