Seven Popular Movies About Gamers That Motivate You to Play

Video games are deeply entrenched in our culture, and they have evolved from being a simple pass time activity into an art form. It has been a bumpy road and movies about gamers are still regarded to some extent as a controversial topic. Yet they have been around for over 50 years, and it doesn’t seem they are going anywhere. Today they dominate the online world and can be played on the internet or even movies that motivate us to jump in. Moreover, these two categories even share some design features like random drops we find in popular games today.

However, most of the decisions for creating entertainment products are data-driven. So, when a game becomes popular we usually get a subpar movie based on that game. Yet there are some exceptions to this let’s call it rule. There are movies that are about games, or gaming culture that are well executed. Here we will go over these game-centric movies or movies about gamers that really inspire you to play your favorite games.

Pure Pwnage

Pure Pwnage Series

Pure Pwnage started out as a web series but it gradually became more popular, and after a break that lasted for years, they released the first movie. Although this is not a famous blockbuster title, the movie is about gamers, more precisely old-school gamers.

The main character who is a super comparative pro player is ridiculing the new trends like single-player games or playing for fun. He is also trying to dominate a new form of competitive gaming or MOBA genre. It’s basically a story of how competitive spirit can be toxic in a modern gaming environment. This is a result of games becoming more mainstream and way more people play now, just to have fun.


Jumanji Cast

Jumanji is a remake of an old classic, and it’s about school kids who magically enter the video game. There they each assume a different avatar or in-game character and get to go on an adventure. The movie has some big names attached to it like Dwayne Rock Johnson, Jack Black, and Kevin Hart, so it’s a really fun family movie. Its sequel did exceptionally well in the box office, and it all happened kind of silently. It’s like nobody was talking about it too much and yet it had a great reception.


Pixels Movie

If you ignore the fact that this movie is desperately trying to be a comedy, then you might view it as a decent gamer movie that can motivate us to play. The story definitely checks all the boxes when it comes to the things that should be a part of a gamer movie.

  • Old arcade titles
  • Invading aliens
  • Hardcore gamers are our only hope

It really tries to capture that nostalgia for arcades and it’s not doing a bad job at it, the only problem is poorly written jokes and puns really. Also if you wish to play some of those old-school titles you can do so online, or you can try out arcade-themed casino slots. You can find the best UK casino sites here, and see which one of those offer arcade slot games. It won’t even cost much as you can easily find 3 minimum deposit platforms or even better those that offer no deposit bonuses. These UK sites will definitely have a game or two that is worth your while.

Ready Player One

Ready Player One Movie

A well-known title that immediately comes to mind when someone mentions gamer movies and how they motivate us. A story where a hero fights in a virtual world in order to prevent the corporations from ruining his favorite form of entertainment, which serves as a glimmer of hope in a dystopian society. Unfortunately, it’s easy for them to track him whenever he goes online, which is kind of true for how privacy works even today. The movie tries to tell us in a way to keep our information safe whenever we go online. All in all, a really fun story, so make sure to check it out if you haven’t so far.

Free Guy

Free Guy Movie

The movie has been recently released, so let’s not spoil it. All you need to know is that it is about a bank teller who realizes he is living in a video game, as an unimportant NPC. It’s a comedy starring Ryan Reynolds, and it’s really fun.


Gamer Movie

An awesome movie from 2009, where convicts are used as playable characters in a shooting video game. It’s action-packed and quite interesting.

KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! Legend of Crimson

Konosuba Movie

This is a movie that is a continuation of the KonoSuba anime. It’s about a gamer who dies and goes into a version of heaven that is an MMORPG game. Definitely check it out if you like Anime.


These were some of the best movies that motivate us and are centered around gamers. They will definitely get you in the mood to play some of your favorite titles. Hopefully, the list will inspire you to see some of these motion pictures.