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Just like clothing, names follow trends, going in and out of style depending on the year. Some names that have been popular for years suddenly fall out of use, while obscure, old-fashioned, or new names that you’ve never heard seem to become all the rage practically overnight. Nameberry has predicted a mix of fun, unique, and nostalgic names on the rise for 2022. Some notable ones include Bear, Honey, Lucky, Lulu, Benedict, Daphne, and Theo.

When parents pick out baby names, they can be influenced by anything from pop culture to spirituality to wanting to avoid names they’ve heard too much. It can be difficult to predict what will be in and out of style with all of these factors. But we’ve found some names that will definitely not be trending next year. So, whether you’re in the process of selecting a baby name or you’re just as fascinated by name trends as we are, here are the boy and girl names that will not be all the rage in 2022 — you may even wish to compare it to our 2021 list.


Baby with lotion

Angela was quite a popular name for baby girls from the 1970s through the 1980s. It even reached No. 5 on Nameberry’s top U.S. baby names ranking for 1975. But, like a lot of names that are heavily used for a few years, it’s been moving down in the charts. The Bump ranked it at No. 548 in popularity for 2021, quite a fall from its spot in earlier years, and it appears to still be trending down.

Along with Angela’s decline, a few similar names are gaining recognition. According to BabyCenter, Angelica rose 47 spots on the popularity chart from 2020 to 2021. Both Angelica and Angela have similar meanings derived from the word angel, but, while Angela is losing steam, we’ll probably see more Angelicas in the coming years. Speaking of angels, if you prefer something more straightforward, parents in 2022 may be dropping the suffix from Angela and just naming their daughters Angel. It has the same meaning but simplifies the name and sounds more modern than Angela.

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