Chefs in the White House

A lot of workplaces have at least one weird rule that its employees have to follow. Californian Taco Bell workers can’t buy discounted food on their lunch break and then go outside. In 2010, Australian Starbucks baristas weren’t allowed to move from the expresso counter if that was their station. Heck, there’s even a Reddit thread that asks the question, "What’s the most ridiculous rule in your place of work?" And this post has over 28,000 comments.

Another workforce that has to put up with its employer’s strange directives is the White House kitchen staff. But unfortunately for these folks, they have to endure a load of absurd guidelines. The chefs need to cater to the President’s tummy, jump through security hoops, and occasionally follow fancy dinner etiquette. That’s right, they have to tolerate more than two or three unusual rules like the rest of us. Who would have thought that an institution that was built in 1792 would be in any way archaic?

So, let’s put on our history helmets and sprint headfirst into the weird orders that the White House chefs must follow. Just make sure that you’re strap is done up. A couple of these facts could hurt your head.

White House chefs in kitchen