Walmart store interior

If you have ever binged zombie apocalypse movies, then you might know that a common trait — no matter the main characters or where they’re camped out — is a large stash of canned food. Thanks to the format, most canned food has a much longer shelf life than other consumable products. Canned foods are also super convenient when you don’t have the energy to prepare and cook an entire meal from scratch. The variety of options is large too, including vegetables, ravioli, and even canned bread.

One of the greatest attributes of canned food is that most products are inexpensive. According to Fox News, shelf-live varies with acidity, so high acid foods like tomatoes last about 18 months, while low acid foods can be stored up to five years. No matter what grocery store you go to, you’ll find a wide range of cheap canned products to purchase, and Walmart is no different. As one of the largest store chains in the world, it is only natural they have a huge offering of canned foods, many of them delicious to serve at any meal. However, with all of the excellent options, there are bound to be some not-so-great outliers. To help you out, we’re highlighting 12 canned foods you should avoid the next time you go to Walmart.

1. Del Monte Fruit Cocktail in Heavy Syrup

Rows of Del Monte Fruit Cocktail Cans

The first can you should leave off your shopping list is Del Monte Fruit Cocktail in Heavy Syrup. A cold, colorful cocktail is a fun and refreshing drink to have when out with friends, but that’s not the kind of cocktail you’ll find here. Del Monte’s Fruit Cocktail is a can of mixed fruits such as cherries, pineapples, peaches, grapes, and pears, which are all coated in heavy syrup. The website describes the product as "ideal for a fruit snack, side dish, or fruit salad recipe," and it is branded as having no preservatives.

Even though it doesn’t have any preservatives, Del Monte will have to forgive us as we try to preserve our taste buds. While this isn’t the worst of the worst, there are much better fruit mix options that you can find in stores, or even make yourself. Sure, some people like the canned fruit mix, but other reviewers didn’t enjoy the product and experienced problems such as dented cans, or an increasing amount of stems in the cans (via Walmart). While this product may taste good, you might not find it worth the hassle.

2. Progresso Light Beef Pot Roast Soup

Progresso Light Beef Pot Roast can

Who doesn’t love a hot pot roast? If you’ve tried a canned version and don’t feel the same — we don’t either. Progresso Light Beef Pot Roast Soup is one of the many soups that the Progresso brand carries, with only 150 calories in a single can. The company specializes in canned soups and also sells broths and bread crumbs. This pot roast soup claims to contain half a cup of vegetables while also being gluten-free. Unfortunately, the beefy soup is mostly just a broth.

One review on the Walmart website writes that the soup is more like "A weak broth with a couple tiny chunks of grisly meat that look like cat food and a few tiny vegetables … very few." Other reviews back this claim up, noting that this product tries too hard to remain light at the expense of a good soup. There are so many canned foods out there, so if you come across this failed attempt at a pot roast soup, we suggest you skip it.

3. Campbell’s Chunky Soup: Baked Potato with Steak & Cheese

Campbell's Chunky Soup, Baked Potato with Steak and Cheese can

When you think of good soups, it’s hard to forget the iconic red and white can of Campbell’s. From chicken noodle to tomato soup, Campbell’s has had our backs for over 150 years, according to their website. There’s nothing that pairs as well with a grilled cheese sandwich on a cold rainy day! With so many amazing soups to offer, there are bound to be a few less appetizing options. Campbell’s Chunky Soup: Baked Potato with Steak & Cheese proves this, and if you ever come across it at Walmart, we suggest choosing a different soup.

While there are some people who claim to be fans of it, the chunky soup has a 4.1 out of 5 stars on the Walmart website – which may sound fine at first — but is actually among the lowest-rated canned items on the online catalog. Many consumers complain about the lack of steak and note that it has a poor smell. While we love a good steak with baked potatoes, this canned soup is one of Campbell’s products that doesn’t hit the mark for us.

4. Dinty Moore Beef Stew

can of Dinty Moore Beef Stew on shelf

During the winter, a hearty beef stew is just what you need to lift your spirits. This warm filling comfort food is typically packed with beef, carrots, potatoes, and other flavorful ingredients, so what’s not to enjoy about it? While homemade stew is great, it can take awhile if you slow cook it yourself, so having a canned option is convenient when you can find it — so long as that canned option tastes good. Dinty Moore Beef Stew, however, does not fit that description.

While the brand harps that its stew is great with noodles, pies, and biscuits, it might be best to skip this product altogether. A can contains 990 mg of sodium, which is 40% of the total sodium that someone should consume in a day, according to the American Heart Association. This also makes for a very salty stew which distracts from the flavor of beef — not that there’s a lot of it to begin with. According to numerous Walmart customer reviews, the recipe for this product has changed, making it less appetizing with much less beef than it used to have. One reviewer even compared it to dog food. If you want a great beef stew to pair with your potatoes and gravy, it’s more worthwhile to make it at home instead of buying this canned product.

5. Sweet Sue Chicken & Dumplings

Sweet Sue Chicken & Dumplings can

Like many foods on this list, chicken and dumplings are a comforting dish that we’d never pass up on the opportunity to indulge in. It’s difficult to mess up such a warm and tender meal, so imagine our excitement when we found a can of Sweet Sue Chicken & Dumplings at Walmart. This bright blue product is labeled as America’s Favorite, though we might have to disagree with that claim.

With a 3.7/5 star rating, the product is often mostly untouched in stores. There are plenty of poor reviews for the product on the Walmart website, and the complaints are varied. Some people feel as though the broth is watery and lacks seasoning. One reviewer writes that Sweet Sue’s were "The worst dumpling I ever had. It was more like soup." Though there are many comfort foods that come from a can, we cannot recommend this product to you.

6. Great Value Chili with Beans

Great Value Chili with Beans

When something has the words Great Value in the title, the assumption is that you are getting something great for an even greater price. When you add chili to that title, the excitement is palpable. There are numerous brands that offer canned chili, so it should come as no surprise that Walmart carries Great Value Chili with Beans from their own budget line. While you can get canned beans and chili separately, this product combines both foods into one convenient can. However, while you might think that the price is cheap, unfortunately, the same can be said about the taste.

This chili with beans is too spicy and the proportion of beans to beef is inconsistent, with too much bean and not enough beef. Like many of the canned foods on this list, this product can also be likened to dog food. While some people enjoy it, many more don’t, and Walmart reviewers write that it is "The worst chili I have ever eaten from a can. It was super bland and the meat looked like it was broken off from a baking sheet of dry ground beef." Poor tasting chili isn’t something you should settle for, so do yourself a favor and don’t buy this product

7. Old El Paso Traditional Refried Beans

Old El Paso Traditional Refried Beans

One of the most well-known canned foods is, of course, canned beans. In Spoon University‘s list of canned items to help you survive a zombie apocalypse, canned baked beans were among the best options to have in stock. You don’t have to limit yourself to baked beans though, as there are many styles to choose from. Nonetheless, whether you’re preparing for an apocalypse or are just looking for decent canned beans, you might want to skip Old El Paso Traditional Refried Beans. The contents of the can primarily consist of cooked pinto beans and water, with a little spice, chili pepper, salt, and other ingredients.

Recent Walmart reviews mention a decrease in the quality of these refried beans. Many speculate a new recipe is being used, which results in watery beans that aren’t suitable for consumption. One reviewer writes, "Tonight I opened a can of Old El Paso Traditional Refried Beans and found them to be very watery. I thought it was a bad can, so I opened two more, all resulting in the same runny texture, chemical smell, and taste." If a recipe change makes something taste better, then by all means change it. In the case of these refried beans, change was not the right solution.

8. Great Value French Style Green Beans

Great Value French Style Green Beans

No Thanksgiving meal is complete without some green vegetables, and green beans make a perfect pairing with turkey and mac and cheese. If you were hoping to serve canned green beans, steer clear of Great Value French Style Green Beans from Walmart. Once again, this is another Great Value canned product that should be avoided. While this item is certainly cheap at only fifty cents on the store website, even the color of the labeling on the can is off-putting enough to push someone away from these green beans.

There is a lot we can say about this can of greens, and not only that it makes us feel green ourselves. The product is a paler green color than fresh products, which is somewhat understandable, but the fact that there is no added salt is also a turn-off. While lots of canned products are too salty, the lack of salt makes the beans flavorless. One Walmart reviewer writes that "These unfortunately are not consistent on taste or texture." If you want great green beans, then Great Value’s canned beans are to be avoided.

9. Progresso Green Split Pea Soup with Bacon

Progresso Green Split Pea Soup with Bacon

As we move towards the end of this list, we come to Progresso’s Vegetable Classics Soups, Green Split Pea with Bacon. Split pea soup is typically a comforting soup that is also super healthy for you. Normally made with peas, garlic, and other filling ingredients, pea soup is incredible as a side or a meal on its own. The addition of bacon would usually make a meal taste ten times better, though in the case of Progresso’s soup, we can’t say that it does. While the color of pea soup is already unappealing to many, the pale swampy green soup shown on this can’s label doesn’t do it any favors.

This soup has a higher rating than other Walmart products on this list, with 4.2 out of five stars. Regardless, this soup leaves us wanting something else on our plates: bacon! If a canned soup is going to brand itself as being made with bacon, then we expect a good amount of bacon in the soup. However, this pea soup barely has any meat in it and is a lot like a standard split pea soup. Reviews on the Walmart website agree with this sentiment, writing that "The peas were hard and there was hardly any bacon." If you’re looking for a normal split pea soup, then this will still be a hit or miss, but if you’re looking for bacon, you will be disappointed.

10. Great Value Pear Halves

Great Value Pear Halves can

Poached, peeled, or picked right from a tree, pears are a sweet and juicy fruit that is perfect for desserts, salads, or just as a snack. While not as popular as an apple, this fruit is much softer and milder yet just as good. Pears are also healthy and contain vitamin A, niacin, and folate, which are useful for skin health, cellular function, and energy production, according to Healthline. This product, however, proves that pears aren’t always perfect — especially when they come from a can.

Great Value Pear Halves from Walmart are skinned pears that look a little like raw chicken at first glance. The fruit is covered in a heavy syrup, which only adds more sugar to the already sweet fruit. While some people enjoy these pear halves as dessert, other buyers claim that the pears are extremely hard, and more like an apple. One buyer even compares the product’s hardness to a rock, while another reviewer on the Walmart website writes, "At least two halves were so hard that I could not cut them. Had to toss them!" There are other canned pear offerings at Walmart with much higher ratings, such as a product by Del Monte. If you’re looking for a healthy fruit snack, you’re better off buying fresh pears than purchasing this product.

11. Progresso Traditional, Broccoli Cheese Soup

Progresso Broccoli Cheese Soup

You may recall once sticking your nose up at the green, tree-like broccoli on the side of your plate. Growing up you may have begun to appreciate the healthy vegetable your parents begged you to try. With that, numerous food possibilities open up including broccoli soup. This hot and creamy soup is generally served with cheese, making for a deliciously appetizing dinner for even the pickiest of eaters. If you still turn up your nose at Progresso’s Traditional Broccoli Cheese Soup though, we don’t blame you. This canned soup takes everything we disliked about broccoli as kids and turns it into a vegetable and cheese soup.

Reviews on the Walmart website are mixed, and many swing in the direction of finding it too watered down, with not enough broccoli or cheese. One review even likens this soup to a worn sock, writing: "Both my wife and I tried a can of this soup. We both agree that there’s this overwhelming taste of dirty socks … I tried adding some spices and it only made it taste like spicy dirty socks." Even though they have quite a few products to be avoided on our list, Progresso still has many delicious soups, so we suggest trying one of those instead.

12. Libby’s 100% Pure Canned Pumpkin

Libby's 100% Pure Canned Pumpkin

Are you peckish for a pumpkin pie? Even if it’s not autumn, it’s hard to deny the incredibly addicting flavor of a pumpkin spice latte or other sweet pumpkin treats. In fact, you could argue the pumpkin craze is a food lover’s favorite part about the season. If you’re hoping to make the perfect pumpkin pie, then you’ll need a pumpkin filling, and if you have your eyes on Libby’s 100% Pure Canned Pumpkin, then you might want to take a moment to pause and ponder your pumpkin craze. Libby’s Canned Pumpkin is all pumpkin and contains no preservatives. However pumpkin-y this is, we unfortunately can’t say that it’s 100% tasty.

With only a 3.9 rating on the Walmart website, it is clear that this canned pumpkin leaves much to be desired by consumers. One-eighth of the product’s ratings are one-star reviews, which might not sound like a lot at first, but with almost 900 ratings, that means a good number of customers were unsatisfied with this pumpkin purchase. Consumers claim that the pumpkin is watered down or gritty, and one Walmart reviewer states that "the grittiness in the teeth is pretty gross. If you are making something for a holiday dinner, don’t use Libby’s."