Reservoir Dogs Michael Madsen Pays Tribute To Son Hudson Lee After Suspected Suicide

Reservoir Dogs actor Michael Madsen has paid tribute to his son Hudson Lee after the 26-year-old died of a gunshot wound in a suspected suicide. Lee, an Afghanistan veteran, was based in Schofield Barracks in Oahu with his wife Carlie and had recently been promoted in the Army. However, earlier this week Lee was found dead in Hawaii of an “apparent self-inflicted gunshot,” Metro reports.

1. Madsen says he and his family are “overwhelmed with grief.” Losing a child is something no parent should ever have to go through, and losing them to suicide must be even more devastating. “We are heartbroken and overwhelmed with grief and pain at the loss of Hudson,” the family said in a statement. “His memory and light will be remembered by all who knew and loved him.”

2. The family is requesting privacy in the wake of this tragedy. While it’s normal that the public would take an interest in the story, Madsen and his family have requested the time and space to deal with this together in private. “We ask for privacy and respect during this difficult time. Thank you,” the statement continued.

3. There are very few details of what happened. While Lee and wife Carlie were seemingly happy living in Wahiawa, Hawaii as Lee served in the US Army, it’s clear there was more below the surface. While a spokesperson for the department of the medical examiner in Honolulu confirmed that Lee was suspected to have taken his own life, no further details about when or exactly where the incident took place were revealed.

Rest in peace, Hudson. Hopefully Madsen and his family manage to come together to find some level of comfort and peace in one another during this difficult time.