Rocksteady Officially Announces Suicide Squad Game Delayed To 2023

After a tumultuous period of unknowns and delays, the past two years have been incredibly difficult for new projects. While plenty of video games have had great releases, new projects face even more significant challenges. While the pandemic has undoubtedly changed and made working on video games much more complex, some studios are finding themselves with more shortcomings than polished products. Yet while we’ve seen what happens when studios push out unfinished projects like Cyberpunk 2077, Rocksteady, on the other hand, is playing it safe. The Batman video game studio, Rocksteady, has been hard at work creating Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League. While a Bloomberg report had already suspected a soft internal delay to 2023, it seems the news is accurate. Announced today by Sefton Hill, the creative director and co-founder of Rocksteady, the Suicide Squad game will be delayed until sometime in 2023.

We’ve made the difficult decision to delay Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League to Spring 2023. I know a delay is frustrating but that time is going into making the best game we can. I look forward to bringing the chaos to Metropolis together. Thanks for your patience.

— Sefton Hill (@Seftonhill) March 23, 2022

Why Did Rocksteady Delay Suicide Squad Game To 2023?

While fans were already preparing themselves for this news, many didn’t want to believe it. While more than a month ago, the writing was on the wall for Rocksteady, and they knew it would be announced soon. There could certainly be several internal issues with the title that is preventing a 2022 release. Seeing the backlash of other studios’ unfinished releases, Rocksteady is thankfully avoiding that situation. Seeing how very little footage about the game has been shown so far, a delay is to be expected. Yet while that means there won’t be a release date any time soon, it’s also probable we see the Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League come back at many upcoming events this year.

So what do you think about Rocksteady confirming the Suicide Squad game delay to 2023? What will change with the game since we have to wait another year? Let us know in the comments down below!