Live streaming is the term where people broadcast themselves to live viewers while playing a video game. This has become a massive part of the gaming industry, and it continues to grow every second as we speak. There are a lot of reasons why a person livestreams: they may want a platform where they can share their gameplay, or maybe they want to show a different side of their personality, or they want to interact with strangers and meet their fellow gamers. Nevertheless, it is something enjoyable for some people.

Well, have you decided to broadcast yourself while playing video games? To get you started, here are ten things that you shouldn’t do when streaming:

Cheaping out your audio equipment

I am confident that I speak for many people when I say that we can’t stand a stream that has terrible audio. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to have the most expensive microphone available in the market. You just need to make sure that your viewers easily hear you and that your audio is in sync with your stream.

HyperX, HyperX SoloCast, USB, Microphone
HyperX Solocast Image Credit: HyperX

Calling out lurkers

People who don’t interact and are only interested in watching the stream are called “lurkers.” Maybe they are anxious and prefer not to communicate with other people. Nevertheless, there is an unwritten rule where streamers shouldn’t call out these people. There is nothing wrong with lurking, and streamers should respect their viewers’ boundaries.

Adding unnecessary alerts

Sure, it is exhilarating to receive donations and subscriptions. However, don’t add excessive alerts on your stream since it will probably annoy your viewers—which is not a good thing.

Badmouthing other streamers

Look, I get it. Some people find streamers who often “rage” entertaining. But, never deride your fellow streamers since it will leave a bad impression on your audience. We should help each other reach our goals since we are all in the same community.

Giving out your personal information

Always be careful NEVER to give either your or a friend’s personal information. It is dangerous to have anyone know these details since anyone can use these data against you. There are even instances where streamers get “swatted” during their live streams because they accidentally revealed their address.

Swatted, Stream, livestream, live
Twitch streamer “Kootra” swatted live on stream

Being quiet

Your audience shouldn’t be the one doing the talk for you—because it will probably bore them. Interact with your viewers, and try to entertain them even though there are a few of them. You will not only gain experience, but you will leave a great impression on your audience as well.

Inconsistent schedules

Stick to your schedule. It is frustrating for a viewer when a streamer doesn’t stream for a month after going live for a few hours. Being consistent will attract a larger audience since people will start integrating your streaming hours into their daily schedule—and this is how you start building your own community.

Eating on camera

I mean, streaming is a platform where you can be yourself. However, some people get turned off when a streamer eats in front of a camera. Maybe they become hungry watching someone have their breakfast or prefer seeing someone playing rather than feasting. Moreover, your chewing and munching are amplified on your microphone—which is super distracting. As much as possible, mute your microphone and turn off your camera to avoid bothering your audience.

Live, eating, camera
Image Credit: Twitch

Having a complex layout

I can understand if you want to show off your designing skills or prefer having multiple advertisements on your stream. However, it would be best if you always remembered that people watch the stream primarily for your gameplay. To avoid discouraging your viewers, avoid using a distracting layout where your webcam and advertisements block the game you are playing.

Lacking the passion for what you are doing

Remember, you should always have a passion for streaming to have an enjoyable experience for you and your viewers. Your audience wouldn’t like it if they felt like watching someone who treats streaming as a chore. Be enthusiastic and positive! It will benefit your growth as a streamer and a person.

There you have it! These are ten things that you shouldn’t do when you are streaming. Always remember that everyone starts somewhere. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t hit your expectations during the first couple of months of streaming. Just keep in mind to always have fun and be yourself. Good luck, fellow gamers!