Actress and singer Amber Riley is reportedly ending her engagement with DeSean Black.

Speaking with the Nice & Neat podcast, the Single Black Female star was asked about her relationship status and said she’s available for romance.

“I am a single Black female,” she revealed. “I am, but I’m not a crazy one like in the movie.”

That revelation is surprising, considering Riley became engaged to Black in 2020.

“I’m recently single,” she added, noting that their breakup was amicable. “I wish him the best. I don’t have anything horrible or bad to say.”

In an Instagram post at the time, according to Essence, Riley described how she manifested her relationship with Black after almost giving up on love.

“There was a time when I thought I didn’t want or deserve this kind of love. I’m looking at a man who changed my mind,” she wrote in a since-deleted Instagram post. “My time by myself, loving on myself, getting comfortable with myself, prepared me for you, and prepared me for this.”

Black returned the love on his page with a repost of the same picture: “Fellas, when a woman looks at you like this, it’s a clear indication that you’re doing the right thing,” he wrote. “Now, when she delivers unconditional love that you’ve never experienced, it’s another clear indication that you’ve found the one. Only a fool would let someone as special as this slip away. So I did what any wise man would do and put a ring on it.”