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The saying “breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day” is something we all know. A good, healthy and satiating breakfast replenishes your supply of glucose to boost your energy levels and helps you kick-start the day on a high note. While the good ol’ milk and cereal combo is loved for its convenience; eggs are a superior breakfast choice for a multitude of reasons. For one, eggs are loaded with high-quality protein. In fact, one large egg has six grams of protein, which is around 12% of the daily recommended intake. They’re also packed with essential amino acids that help boost metabolism. And what’s even better? They take so little effort to cook!

From eggs Benedict and sunny-side up eggs, to omelets and scrambled eggs, there are hundreds of ways to make eggs, but the latest trend that’s going viral on TikTok, Instagram and all over social media is the grated egg! What’s cool about the grated egg hack is that you get a different egg texture, taking your egg-cellent recipes to the next level.

Grated Egg Ingredients

All you need to do is hard boil your eggs and then grate them over a toast or customize it to suit your preference. The grated egg is fluffy, soft and so pretty to photograph! While most people are obsessed with Grated Eggs and Avocado toast, there are other versions like the Grated Egg Stuffed Avocado and Grated Egg Pesto Pasta too.

How to Make Grated Egg Toast

This trend was started by Sarah Thomas of Healthyish Foods, and is quickly become one of the most reposted trends on TikTok. Here’s how she makes Grated Egg Avocado Toast:

  1. Hard Boiled Eggs: Sarah recommends buying perfectly hard boiled and peeled eggs from the store. However, if you don’t have them handy, you can certainly cook them until the yolk is set, and refrigerate it ahead of time. This helps grate the egg easily. You will need one egg per slice, approximately.
  2. Bread: Choose a crusty bread like sourdough or an artisanal bread which crisps up nicely and can be the perfect vehicle for the toppings.
  3. Mayo: The kewpie mayo is recommended as a perfect complement to the eggs.
  4. Avocado: Use a fresh, ripe avocado and slice thinly. You’ll need about half an avocado per slice, but it’ll really depend on how big your avocado and toast is.
  5. Sriracha: A few drops drizzled over the egg adds a nice spicy kick to the toast.
  6. Seasonings: The basic version uses salt and pepper, but you can certainly amp it up with some everything bagel seasoning or anything you desire.

Below are nine different variations of the viral grated egg hack. From grated egg pizzas and salads, to grated egg pasta and more! Not only is the texture crazy fluffy and delicious, it also adds an Insta-worthy look to the final dish!

Best Grated Egg Recipes

Grated Egg Avocado Toast

This is the OG version of the grated egg hack by Sarah Thomas. All she does is toast up some crusty bread, add slices of avocado, grate some egg on top and finish off with salt and pepper! Easy and so pretty!

Grated Egg Toast with Olive Oil

Daenlia’s Kitchen took grated egg toast one step further by adding raw onions, extra virgin olive oil and parmesan cheese. And what’s not to love about the egg and cheese combo?! The only caveat here is that since the eggs are going to be cold, you may want to avoid the cheese if you’re not a fan of it with cold foods.

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Grated Egg Hashbrown Toast

Kelsey from Trade Joe’s Food Reviews tries this hack pretty much the same way, except, she eliminates the bread to use hash browns instead! If you’re a fan of potatoes, eggs and chili oil, you’ll love this recipe. Start by air-frying some store-bough hash browns, top off with some guacamole or mashed avocados, then some chili oil and enjoy!

Grated Egg Toast with Tomatoes

Dani’s Dishes does this a little differently. She starts with a nice crusty bread and toasts it well. Then slathers it with cream cheese and tops it off with fresh tomatoes, avocados and finishes it off with grated egg. While the process is no different, swapping mayo for cream cheese and adding tomatoes adds a freshness to the toast and we believe you should take advantage of the fresh summer produce to make this recipe!

Grated Egg Toast with Pickled Onions

Cooking with Thayeh makes her toast with some spicy mayo, avocados, grated eggs, pickled onions, bagel seasoning and a touch of olive oil, and we think the addition of pickled onions is brilliant. It adds a refreshing tanginess to the dish and makes it wholesome.

Mexican Tostadas with Grated Egg

Looking for a Mexican-inspired breakfast with grated eggs? Look no further than this grated egg hack by Andre’s Cooking. He slathers the toast with delicious salsa, then adds avocados and grated egg.

Grated Egg Salad Sandwich

Kellie Atkinson makes a delicious egg salad sandwich with the grated egg hack. She adds the grated egg, mayo, mustard, salt and pepper to a bowl, gives it a quick mix, then slathers the spread onto a piece of bread and sandwiches the goodness with another slice of bread. While most of the sandwiches in this list are open toast recipes, this one makes it easy to also carry as a lunch to school, work, picnics etc.

Grated Egg Tomato Toast

Hailee Catalaono makes the best use of fresh summer tomatoes to make a breakfast fit for a king or queen! Toast up some bread and rub with garlic, then add fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, grated eggs, salt and pepper and some fried bacon bits for a satiating meal!

Spinach Salad with Grated Egg

Lastly, Lead from Food Wanderer makes a salad bowl with leftover veggies and a grated egg. This is a cool idea for when you need a quick lunch. Just add spinach or your choice of greens, cheese, coleslaw, grated eggs, salt and pepper and some mustard or any sauce you prefer. Give it a quick mix and enjoy!