johnny depp amber heard

As the legal debacle between actor Johnny Depp and his ex-wife actress Amber Heard continues, new evidence is arriving daily. Now those interested can see the bodycam footage taken from the night Amber Heard claimed to have been domestically abused by Johnny Depp. Specifically, the event that led to her divorce with Johnny Depp.

Amber Heard claimed that on the night of this incident, which occurred May 21, 2016, was the night that Johnny Depp beat her. Interestingly, two officers arrived at the scene, and one of the two claimed to have not seen “any verifiable injuries to her.” This claim was made by Officer William Gaitlin. Now bodycam footage of their arrival to the scene has been made public after being shown in court.

Here’s the bodycam footage from the night Amber Heard claimed her alleged domestic abuse:

#Bodycam footage shows officers responding to #JohnnyDepp and #AmberHeard‘s penthouse after a second 911 call was made alleging domestic violence in May 2016. @LawCrimeNetwork

— Law&Crime Network (@LawCrimeNetwork) April 27, 2022

An unnamed man answers the door for the officers, and leads them into the room. They see Amber Heard on the couch, albeit in the dark, though she says she does not need medical assistance. In fact, she rejects any further assistance from the officers at all. After Amber Heard insists that everything is okay, they ask if Johnny Depp is present. The unnamed man who answers the door says “he is definitely not here.” Now, during his testimony, Officer William Gaitlin claims that Amber Heard did not have any injuries when the officers were present.

This was shared be fellow officer, Office Tyler Hadden, who was also on the screen during the 911 call. He made the following testimony:

“After discussing the investigation with my partner at the scene, Miss Heard refused any medical treatment and had no visible injuries.”

Alejandro Romero, a front desk employee, shared a similar testimony. He also claimed to have not seen any visible injuries on Amber Heard’s face. As such, this is certainly going to be an interesting trial to continue watching for the coming weeks.