Netflix subscribers are no strangers to shows leaving the platform far too soon. And with shows like Friends and The Office leaving the streaming service, you would think we would have become used to the feeling by now. But, once again, another beloved series will be departing Netflix this year.

Per Deadline, all six seasons of the comedy series Schitt’s Creek will be available to watch on Hulu on October 3, 2022. It has not been confirmed when the show will leave Netflix exactly, but fans can rest easy knowing the sitcom has found a new home on another platform.

Schitt s Creek Cast CAT

Schitt’s Creek follows a wealthy family who completely loses everything. Johnny Rose (Eugene Levy), his wife Moira (Catherine O’Hara) and their two children, David (Daniel Levy) and Alexis (Annie Murphy), are forced to move to a small town Johnny bought years ago. As they adjust to their new life in Schitt’s Creek, they must learn to live without wealth.

Joe Earley (the President of Hulu) shared excitement for the show coming to the service. “Based on the number of Schitt’s Creek GIFs we Slack every day, it’s no surprise that we are absolutely thrilled to welcome Johnny, Moira, Alexis, ‘Daviiid’ and the wonderfully unique residents of Schitt’s Creek to Hulu,” the statement read. “We can’t wait to share the award-winning, blisteringly-funny, yet heartwarming series and characters with our subscribers. We know they’ll fit in nicely.”

So long as we can watch the Rose family somewhere (sorry, Netflix).

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