Things got tense Wednesday between Shaq and Kenny Smith on TNT’s “Inside the NBA.”

Shaq didn’t appear amused when Smith confronted him about being late to the set prior to the start of the Game 2 between the Nets and Celtics.

“You need to be here on time,” said Smith with a straight face, while putting on his glasses.

Shaquille O’Neal had a tense moment Wednesday with Kenny Smith on “Inside the NBA.”

The comment was met with “oohs” and praise from co-hosts Ernie Johnson and Charles Barkley, who gave Smith a high five.

Shaq however, took off his own glasses and said, “First of all, we start at 6:30, and I was here at 6:29, so technically I wasn’t late. Second of all, if you try to be funny on TV again I’m gonna show you funny. I’m gonna put these paws on you.”

Smith replied, “Hey, I’m Pat Riley up in here. You ain’t hitting Pat Riley.”

Although things seemed a bit chippy on set, the back-and-forth is a usual occurrence between the “Inside the NBA” crew.

Last October, the group came down on Shaq for his tardiness in a roast, in which they compared him to Nets star Ben Simmons — who, at the time — was in a holdout with the Sixers.

Last May, Shaq arrived late to the TNT set for the start of the play-in tournament because he said he read his schedule wrong.