Daniel Radcliffe Stars in Trailer for
Credit: The Roku Channel via Stereogum

The Roku Channel has released the teaser trailer for Weird: The Al Yankovic Story, with Daniel Radcliffe starring as the titular parody singer. The trailer opens up with the traditional style of an epic biopic, and with the tune of Like a Virgin playing, one would expect it’s a Madonna biopic. That is until we cut to a shirtless Radcliffe addressing the audience before busting out his accordion when the song is revealed to be Yankovic’s Like a Surgeon. We then get more shots of Radcliffe in Weird Al attire and behaving in typical Weird Al wackiness. As The AV Club puts it, this biopic trailer is itself a parody of biopic trailers.

Daniel Radcliffe in Character in Weird Trailer

We’ve seen shots of Radcliffe in his Weird Al clothes, but this is the first look we’ve gotten of the actor taking on Yankovic’s persona. From his colorful clothes to dressing as a surgeon for the aforementioned song. The film is meant to be more comedic than most pics of this nature are, though there will be some exploration of Yankovic’s past struggle with alcoholism. We get a glimpse of that in a scene where he is drinking and spitting a bottle of hard liquor on stage. Regardless, the film looks to be a major delight. The film should be quite personal, as Yankovic served as the producer and writer.

Daniel Radcliffe’s Busy Year

Radcliffe has certainly kept himself busy. Along with his work in Weird: The Al Yankovic Story, he recently starred in The Lost City, and he continues to work on the TBS series Miracle Workers. He’s certainly come a long way from his days as the titular boy wizard in the Harry Potter series. When asked if he’d be open to playing that role again, Radcliffe declined, saying enough time hasn’t passed for him.

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