Meta VR hand tracking

A recent leak suggests that Meta is continuing its push into the VR "metaverse" with a series of VR headsets that are vastly different from anything the social media megacorp has pushed out to consumers thus far. According to a report from The Information on May 2, 2022, these ambitions expand all the way to 2024, and there are evidently four different VR headsets in the works, beginning with the long-rumored and tentatively-titled Project Cambria.

Whereas the Meta Quest 2 is geared toward entertainment and gaming, it sounds like Project Cambria is very much designed to fill the enterprise VR niche that has traditionally been met by competing brands, such as Varjo – which has offered its own "professional-grade" Aero headset at an MSRP of $1990 since October 2021.

The unnamed sources who spoke to The Information reported a ballpark MSRP of $800 for the upcoming Project Cambria headset, but UploadVR reportedly clarified this information with a source at Meta, who suggested that $800 is a generous (and highly unlikely) estimate. By comparison, the base Meta Quest 2 costs $300.

It sounds like Project Cambria will become available to the public in September 2022, which coincides with the window in which Meta usually hosts its Connect conference. Meta Connect has traditionally been the place to hear about new Meta headsets; the first Quest was announced at Meta Connect 5 in September 2018, whereas the Quest 2 was surprise-announced and subsequently released to the public during Meta Connect 7 in September 2020.