April Bowlby is one of those actors that seems to have dropped off the map after a couple of her most well-known roles but in truth she’s been fairly busy ever since. One of the roles that people know her by the most is Kandi on Two and a Half Men. Always known for its mix of comedy, sexual undertones, and of course the lewd jokes and edgy behavior, the show was perfect for the model turned actress show spent a great deal of time with the cast and turned what could have been a rather droll and stereotypical character into something that was endearing and managed to get people’s attention for a good long while. Kandi didn’t seem like the brightest bulb in the box but at the same time she was so forthright and honest most of the time that you couldn’t help but like her. And yes, there was the massive sex appeal that she brought to the show that was so important to so many viewers.

Two and a Half Men

As much fun as it was to watch Charlie fumble around and think he was a big man with the ladies it was also just as fun to realize that the ladies didn’t always think too highly of him when it came to comparing him with others. For instance, when Kandi started seeing Alan instead of Charlie one would think that she might be turned off by Alan’s many insecurities and his rather goofy manner. But for some reason she locked onto him for a while and the two became rather close. This of course vexed Charlie to no end since he couldn’t understand how his brother could satisfy a woman like Kandi or just what she saw in him. Of course she explained it more than once but Charlie still didn’t get it since the character is a narcissist and has an ego the size of a weather balloon. But even funnier was the fact that Alan’s ex didn’t approve of Kandi and actually seemed to be concerned that the woman would be a bad influence on her and Alan’s son, Jake. The dynamic of the thing was pretty funny since despite being a very serious matter when kids are involved, it also showed that Alan’s ex was just a tad bit jealous.

Drop Dead Diva

What would be your initial thought when your best friend reveals to you that they’ve come back to life in a different body? It might be that they’re crazy for one, and it might mean that you could finally believe in the afterlife for two. The show Drop Dead Diva is something that viewers might have seen as quaint and even fun in a way but also kind of sad in how it approaches the whole idea of not being able to tell anyone other than those who wouldn’t reveal the secret. April got play Stacy, the best friend of the main character, and was so positively upbeat most of the time that she was considered to be a bit touched in the head at times. But really April’s character was more or less the one person that was allowed to understand Deb’s predicament.

April has been busy since the two roles that she was known for.

Since her stint on both shows she’s been busy making guest appearances on other shows such as The Big Bang Theory, Mom, You’re the Worst, and several others. She’s also done a couple of films and one TV film that have kept her in the loop. It’s safe to say that she hasn’t dropped out of sight entirely but she hasn’t been as prevalent as she was when she was in Two and a Half Men or Drop Dead Diva. There are a number of reasons why someone would slow down in their career, but thus far there isn’t too much known about April since she keeps her personal life under wraps for the most part and separates it as much as possible from her working life. This seems to be becoming a trend among some actors and it’s kind of nice to see really. It no doubt frustrates those fans that just HAVE to know everything about their favorite star, but it does cut down on some of the nonsense that the media likes to spread around about people.

One thing that needs to be made abundantly clear is that she’s not dead. Such rumors that keep being spread about various actors being deceased is simply sensationalist journalism and isn’t really worthy of the craft. April is still very much alive and is continuing her work as the year wears on. It would almost seem that the limited media exposure some stars receive spawn these rumors as a means of having SOMETHING to say, even if it is entirely irresponsible.

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