If you played Resident Evil 8, you already own Re:Verse and yet we still can’t play. Originally it was meant to come out with Resident Evil 8 but was pushed back. Then it got delayed again and delayed further after. Nothing has been said about it since it got delayed. It was delayed until 2022 with no signs of an actual release date.

However, hope has arrived. Gematsu on Twitter shared the good news. As we can see Re:Verse was rated by the European ratings board PEGI for the Google Stadia only recently. This could mean the multiplayer may be almost complete and ready to be released.

The multiplayer would have you play as classic characters like Leon, Jill, Nemesis, Chris, Claire, Ada, and a few more. The PvP is a four to six-person match where you can turn into a bioweapon to kill other players. These bioweapons mutate you and will turn you into monsters already seen in resident Evil like Nemesis.

Although nothing is official and for now this is pure speculation, still it is a good sign for a possible release of the Re:Verse.